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    Today’s room captive people are trying different things to enjoy. One of their favorite things is the different bots. These robots help people spend their time as they enjoy their performance. Kids can learn a lot from playing here. These robots give adults equal pleasure. These robots can bought from different places. Here are four […] More

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    The Technical Reality Of Artificial Intelligence Is Shown In The Iron Man Movie

    Iron Man is one of the favorite movies of today’s young generation. The reason why it is widely accepted by people of different tests is that science and technology are mentioned here. Marvel has many series and movies that try to show something miraculous. Also in the series called Flash, there are some weird things […] More

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    An Intelligent Robot Friend Forever

    We each have one or more friends in life. For them, a part of our lives today may be full of entertainment, arguments, fun, gossip, going for walks, etc. But they are all human beings. None of them are robots or aliens. I may not be able to talk about aliens. But the arrival of […] More

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    Who Will Be The God Of The Future: Humans Or Robots

    It is said that when God first created man, he became very interested in his child. God loves man very much as his own child. Humans today have been able to invent artificial intelligence and robots. Today, robotics technology is not so advanced that it will be possible to create advanced intelligent robots, but people […] More

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    Tony Stark All Creative Artificial Intelligence

    In the present scenario, most functional aspects of an AI are imaginative. We like to watch it in movies but in reality, such a thing does not happen. If there is talk of artificial intelligence and the Iron Man movie doesn’t play a big part there, then this discussion is in vain. Tony Stark, also […] More

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    Top 5 Robotic Gadgets: That You Will Want To Get

    You will get a lot of information about robots. But none of that is beyond your grasp. Because at present most of these are being researched. But there are some things that are able to satisfy your taste. You may have heard before that perfect AI has not been created yet. Which is capable of […] More

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    Types And Features Of The Industrial Robots

    As a result of the invention of industrial robots, on the one hand, labor has been reduced and on the other hand, it has become easier to work in less time. Although Articulated robots are the beginning of industrial level robots, today there are about six types of industrial robots. Let’s talk about them. Articulated […] More

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    Top 5 Robotics Movies

    Just like everyone likes to watch robot movies, they also talk about science fiction. That is the thing that is being shown in these movies today, We may see something like this in the very near future. It gives us hope. Today we will talk about five robotics movies that have been able to deliver […] More

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    Venus: NASA's next mission

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration, popularly known as NASA announced on Wednesday that it will launch a couple of missions to Venus, the planetary neighbour of Earth. These missions are part of NASA’s Discovery Program. NASA is said to have alloted a $500 million budget to each of these missions that are expected to be launched […] More

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    Who Is The Owner Of Internet?

    Who Owns The Internet? Many times the answer to a question is usually asked by people. The question is “Who owns the Internet?” There are two possible answers to this question. The first is “many people”, and the second is “no one”. All the organizations registered in the virtual world, together maintain the structure and […] More

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