An Intelligent Robot Friend Forever

We each have one or more friends in life. For them, a part of our lives today may be full of entertainment, arguments, fun, gossip, going for walks, etc. But they are all human beings. None of them are robots or aliens. I may not be able to talk about aliens. But the arrival of robot friends may happen in the near future in a few decades. We’ve already seen in a few movies and series about robot’s ability to think like humans, about their ability to do good or bad for humans. But these are just for fun. In reality, there is no such reality. Nowadays robots have not become so smart. However, the way robotics technology is being updated every day, maybe in the near future, many more smart robots will be seen.

Many may ask if it is possible to find intelligent robot friends like the most liked animation series Doraemon. But as far as thinking is concerned, it may never be possible. This is not to say that it is not possible to create intelligent robots like Doraemon. Yes, it is possible to create such an intelligent robot. However, it is not possible to make such a pocket. Which completely changed the law of physics. But yes such an advanced robot friend will definitely help enough to move forward in life.

Current Circumstances

All the movies, series, serials, etc. made about robot-human friendship, the friendship of Nabita and Doraemon is the most favorite among the little ones. Many children have a desire to have a real robot like Doraemon. But in reality, it is not possible in any way. Because a robot capable of time travel like Doraemon is not possible, its gadgets are just a fantasy. But finding a smart and intelligent robot friend is certainly possible nowadays. Because with the advancement of robotics technology to date, people have been able to gain some control over the performance of robots.

You may know about CLICBOT Coding Robot. Clicbot is a specific robot being. It can be used in different ways here. It is made only for the fun and learning of children. Its special feature is that it is possible to run the robot in a practical way through drug and drop coding. It helps the little ones to move towards learning to play and fun.

Not only that, Emotix has released two smart assistants for kids named MIKO and MIKO2. The Educational Family robot called HONEYBOT works in exactly the same way. All the robots are designed to help children learn to read, they have a lot of information uploaded and they are able to access various information. They can interact with children through talk, pictures, and videos. These are designed to look kid friendly. In many cases, they are capable of making video calls and creating various animations. And gradually working on these is trying to make more advances.

But if we talk about more advanced robots, we can talk about ROBELF robots made for children. These include advanced sensors, cameras, motion detectors, displays, microphones, speakers, WiFi-Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Which makes it an advanced robot. It is able to communicate well with children. Besides, its AI function is very effective in explaining all the information nicely. Besides, it is able to take care of the house while the owner is not there, show messages, video calling, etc. in a very beautiful way. But now there is talk of some simple robots that are made just for kids. But what is your opinion about the advanced SOPHIA robot? It is currently granted citizenship of one country. It also enjoys spending time with people. This is a very advanced robot, which is able to answer all the questions correctly.

Result of an intelligent robot friend

  1. The human experience is limited to his lifetime, but it is possible to transfer the experience of one robot to another. So it is possible to get some information which is not easily available at that moment. So it is possible that many AI is being controlled from a specific server.
  2. An advanced AI will have the ability to create different performances according to the mood. They will be able to take different actions and give the entertaining a feeling to its owner.
  3. It will be able to play a big role in the learning of children, with the help of its technical tools. As a result, it will serve as an exam guide. But not only for exams, but it will also be possible to schedule it for all day. So it can also act as a play guide. It will also serve as a travel guide by sharing various information while traveling somewhere.
  4. It will merge with the family and become a member for a while. As a result, it will have a role in family fun, festivals, etc. And as a result, it can be much more aware of human emotions.

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