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  • market will go down if trump wins

    Underestimating the Political Risk: Markets and the Trump Era

    Markets seem comfortable with the prospect of a second Donald Trump presidency, but are they overlooking the risks? According to Ernie Tedeschi from Yale University, the answer is yes. In a piece for the Financial Times, he highlights “rising political risk” that he believes is being “underpriced by markets.” Tedeschi, who served as the chief […] More

  • collabstr rb VDLKvw unsplash

    Using Earned Media Value to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. But with so many metrics to track, how do you know if your campaign delivers real value? Learning about the Earned Media Value (EMV) metric can give you the information you need to make more informed campaign decisions. Are Influencers Considered Earned Media? […] More

  • px Trump, Pentagon leaders honor victims ()

    Trump Shooter Posted Ominous ‘July 13’ Message Ahead of Failed Assassination Attemp

    An investigation has revealed that Thomas Crooks, the 20-year-old shooter who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump during a rally in Pennsylvania, posted a chilling message on the online gaming platform Steam. “13 July will be my premiere, watch as it unfolds,” was the message, hinting at the terrible events that would transpire. The […] More

  • px Afghanistan floods

    2024’s Weather Extremes: A Global Wake-Up Call for Climate Change

    Severe weather events are becoming more frequent and intense worldwide, highlighting the urgent need to address climate change. Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe emphasized this in an interview with, stating, “Each of us, wherever we live, is experiencing the impacts of climate change today.” Record Heatwaves and Rising Temperatures Extreme heatwaves are on the rise, […] More

  • Navire BOMAR CERES à quai

    Crew Members Safely Rescued from Oil Tankers Ablaze Off Singapore

    Two large oil tankers caught fire in waters near Singapore, leading to a major rescue operation and significant concern for the world’s biggest refuelling port. The tankers Hafnia Nile, flying the flag of Singapore, and Ceres I, flying the flag of Sao Tome and Principe, caught fire at 6:15 AM on Friday, as per the […] More

  • pexels mastercowley

    The Best Cardio Workouts for Quick Weight Loss

    In the quest for shedding excess weight and achieving a healthier body, cardio workouts stand out as powerful tools. These exercises not only facilitate calorie burning but also enhance cardiovascular health, making them indispensable in any effective weight loss strategy. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits and specifics of five top-rated cardio workouts that can […] More

  • Donald Trump closeup

    Trump’s First Speech After Assassination Attempt: A Political Comeback

    Former President Donald Trump made a dramatic return to the political arena at the Republican National Convention, delivering a compelling speech that marked his first public appearance since surviving an assassination attempt. In front of an enthusiastic audience of supporters, Trump used this moment to assert his resilience, critique the current administration, and call for […] More

  • Joe Biden ()

    Biden May Step Down as Obama, Pelosi Voice Concerns Over Presidential Bid

    President Joe Biden is reportedly reconsidering his bid for re-election amidst mounting concerns from prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi. Growing Concerns Within the Democratic Party In light of a recent Covid-19 diagnosis and increasing doubts about his candidacy, Biden is facing significant pressure from within his party. Sources […] More

  • Community health worker gives a vaccination in Odisha state, India ()

    India’s Immunization Efforts: Achievements and Challenges

    The Union Health Ministry of India has emphasized the success of its immunization programs, countering media reports that suggest a high number of “zero dose children” — those who have not received any vaccines. These reports, which are based on UNICEF data, do not take into account the large population and high rate of immunization […] More

  • pexels sanketgraphy

    OpenAI’s Secret Project ‘Strawberry’: AI with Advanced Research and Planning Capabilities

    OpenAI is reportedly developing a new AI model code-named “Strawberry” that will significantly enhance AI’s reasoning abilities and enable autonomous internet exploration. This project has the potential to revolutionize AI technology, with far-reaching implications across various fields. The Intensifying AI Race The competition in AI development is heating up, with tech giants investing billions in […] More

  • Ngurah Rai Microsoft Outage

    Tech Crisis: How a Software Update Grounded Airlines and Shut Hospitals

    A global tech outage caused by a flawed software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has led to widespread disruptions, affecting airlines, hospitals, emergency services, and many other sectors. The chaos began when CrowdStrike, based in Austin, Texas, released a problematic update for its Falcon Sensor software, which is used to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats. […] More

  • pexels chokniti khongchum

    Implementing AI in Healthcare: Promises and Challenges

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform healthcare in India, addressing critical issues such as the shortage of healthcare workers and improving access to care for millions. According to the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals and non-uniform accessibility to healthcare are significant challenges. With only 64 […] More

  • curiosity rover nasa mars

    Curiosity Rover Uncovers Unexpected Discovery Inside Martian Rock

    A rock on Mars recently revealed an unexpected treasure after Curiosity accidentally cracked through its seemingly ordinary exterior. When the rover, weighing 899 kilograms (1,982 pounds), rolled over the rock, it broke open to reveal yellow crystals of elemental sulfur, or brimstone. While sulfates are relatively common on Mars, this is the first discovery of […] More

  • big tech shares loss in USA

    Big Tech Shares Lose Shine Amid Market Turbulence and Sharp Sector Rotation

    Big Tech stocks are losing their appeal as investors shift focus to smaller companies and previously neglected sectors. Over the past week, the Russell 2000 small-cap index surged by 7%, driven by falling inflation and a brighter earnings outlook. This shift has seen the once-dominant “Magnificent Seven” megacap tech stocks decline. These losses, intensified by […] More

  • Hargreaves Lansdown deal

    Hargreaves Lansdown Extends £5.4 Billion Takeover Bid Deadline Again

    Hargreaves Lansdown has once again extended the deadline for private equity firms to make a takeover offer for the UK’s largest retail investment site, potentially valuing it at £5.4bn. The board of Hargreaves Lansdown requested an extension from the UK Takeover Panel for a second time, citing ongoing discussions with the private equity firms led […] More

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