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  • Youtube suspends Sky news Australia for week over covid misinformation

    YouTube has barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for a week, saying it had breached rules on spreading Covid-19 misinformation. It gave a “strike” under its three-strike policy, the last of which means permanent removal. YouTube didn’t highlight explicit things however said it went against material that “could cause real-world harm”. The TV […] More

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    The Big Group Of Indian Influencers: DamnFam

    You can come across various influencers on Social Media platforms. You might even come across couples or family’s having YouTube channels and gaining an immense amount of popularity. It is very difficult to find a group of 9 different influencers. All nine started their journey on their own, and have through different paths of life. […] More

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    Here is a list of the top 5 most popular YouTubers in India

    Check out this list to see who the most popular YouTubers in India are. All of the big Indian stars are here below check them out. 1. Ajey Nagar- CarryMinati: YouTube channel-Carryminati Subscribers-29.2 Million Nagar, an enthusiastic gamer, made his first YouTube video at the age of ten and hasn’t looked back since. The majority […] More

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    Three most Popular Indian YouTubers

    YouTube is a great platform for one to showcase their content creating talent. Recently, the application has gained more popularity and is bringing out many more influencers in India. Young Talent is coming forward and creating great fresh content on the platform. Many have started to use the platform in full potential and earn great […] More

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    MostlySane: Woman of Inspiration

    All those who follow Indian influencers will know about this influencer. She has built her audience with time and has grown very successful. She started her YouTube channel in the year 2015 and since then has taken big leaps in her life. This Indian women influencer has made a mark in the country, that women […] More

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    How to Earn Money while being a Student

    It’s always good to earn some money while studying, it can act to fulfill some basic daily needs or act as a way of saving money or even earn enough to pay some amount of your rent and college fee. Students have various opportunities these days, where they can earn money by doing work in […] More

  • FilthyFrank in 2021

    Filthy frank is a youtube channel that features a young man that makes prank videos, often involving him as the prankster. He has over 8 million subscribers and posts new videos on his channel daily. His videos have been highly criticized for their content, but they continue to be popular with viewers. Could a channel […] More

  • Renuka Aradhya – From a roadside beggar to a $6.8 million compan

    Your struggle will add values to your success story. Your problems, harsh situation and difficult time will test your inner strength but when you over all the hurdles your success story becomes an inspiration for everyone. And you started influencing others. Everyone has to work hard to earn something. Some have proved themselves from their […] More

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    7 years old girl earn more than $2700 monthly

    In the upcoming years, the problem of unemployment will be the biggest issue than any other. Some of the top-paying jobs will vanish within a year. On it other hand media, entertainment and creativity are growing rapidly and becoming evergreen professions. We lost our early 18 years in deciding what we can do and what […] More