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In this new age, the digital era number of influencers is increasing rapidly. Who thought that one day people would not only be following top movies or political stars but learn from influencers on social media platforms. YouTube is the perfect platform for many to showcase their creative talent. One can explore loads of fields and display the one they are best at. There is content on almost everything one needs.

One can easily create great content, engage an audience, and at the time also become a great influencer. It is not very easy to gain eyes to your content. One needs to have catchy content for the audience to pay attention to you and follow you regularly. We have seen many influencers emerging in recent times, but these young Indian influencers have blown over the platform. Many young talents love’ to be on camera and interact with their audience through their videos.

  • Aayu and Pihu Kalra

This little brother-sister duo has crashed YouTube with immense popularity. Their YouTube channel is called “Aayu and Pihu Show” and has 13.2 million (dated June 19, 2021) subscribers. Aayu was only five years old while his elder sister Pihu was eleven in 2017 when they started their YouTube channel. The idea behind opening the channel was Piyush Kalra who is the father of the siblings. Surprisingly the channel is run by their nicknames, Aayu is the short name for Aayush Kalra and Pihu’s actual name is Prakriti Kalra. Their YouTube channel has content related to various challenges and also teaches morals through stories.

  • Anantya Anand 

Having 11.6 Million (dated June 19, 2021) subscribers on YouTube this young Indian influencer has gained a lot of popularity. Her channel is called “MyMissAnand.” This little one is inspired by her aunt Shruti Arjun Anand who is a Popular Indian YouTuber. Anantya makes videos on various topics like fashion, daily vlogging, challenges, funny content, and more. She is an extremely talented girl and carries confidence like no one else. Her channel is managed by her mother who also has a cooking channel YouTube.

  • Nihal Rajagopalan

His YouTube channel came into being while he was only five years old in the year 2015. His Channel is known by the name “KichaTube HD” and has 43.5 thousand (dated June 19, 2021) subscribers on it. This little inspiring boy cooks various kinds of food dishes on his channel. With having great in cooking he has also his talent in the British TV show Little Big Shots UK. In addition, he also appeared on “The Ellen De Generes Show where he cooked up a dish from his roots i.e. the state of Kerala in India. He is India’s youngest chef and also a YouTube Influencer.

These young influencers are inspiring in India and around the world. With the help of supportive family members, they can showcase their talent. These kids not only inspired generations of their age but also many elders. It shows if family supports you in what you are good at since your childhood, you can reach heights. Parents of these young children are an inspiration for many modern-day parents to support their kids.

Gaining an immense amount of popularity and success at this young age proves how talented these kids are. Their YouTube channels have regular content and engage the audience of all ages. These are only a few out of the many young talents in the country. Many more Kids are getting inspired by them and starting their YouTube channels and receiving love from many.

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