7 years old girl earn more than $2700 monthly

In the upcoming years, the problem of unemployment will be the biggest issue than any other. Some of the top-paying jobs will vanish within a year. On it other hand media, entertainment and creativity are growing rapidly and becoming evergreen professions. We lost our early 18 years in deciding what we can do and what will be the best. And some people are also there who struggle throughout their life.

Besides, these facts we found a 7 years old Indian girl Anwesha Dash who earns 1.5 – 2 lakhs monthly which is around 2000 – 2700 US dollars. This is definitely a huge achievement which she has before achieving the maturity to understand the value of money and its powers.

Anwesha Dash is an Indian kids YouTuber. She presents herself as Pari in her channel.
Her channel name is Learn With Pari which has 466k subscribers. Her channel Learn With Pari reach this top height within 1.5 years.  The channel is completely based on child learning and development, where she shows her skills and help other kids to learn them while playing with her. Her contents get a huge response among children and loved by many. 

Besides everything she still mange to give healthy time to her family, friends and mostly to her studies. If we consider her studies, she wants to become a doctor in the future apart from continuing as a YouTuber.
” I really like to help people. so, as a doctor I’ll enjoy my job the most”.

Her family is very much supportive and really happy to see her girl achieving a sky-high level. Her father said her skills getting sharper and her public speaking ability and camera facing ability get boosted. 

His father gave a message to every parent to understand their child’s potential so also after knowing them don’t pressurise the child too much. If they are achieving something then keeping them motivated to do it more perfectly but do not putting the burden on them to get more and more, this will make their fun into boredom for them.

Operating a kid’s YouTube channel also imposes too many restrictions. A different COPPA rule applies to those channels. No, personalize ads will run over those contents. Your comment section will remain off,  you can’t put end screen and you can’t do live streaming. so they need to be more selective during the making of kids videos.
Apart from all these; kids channel also have an audience and potential too to earn huge revenue. These kids like Anwesha can influence most of the kid’s creator and other people who think their kids have that potential to do the same.

This story of this amazing kid not only inspire so many kids throughout the globe to present their skills to a huge platform like youtube but also some other parents and people to create enough revenue from their soft skills. And not only today but everyday, these super kids will motivate so many peoples to achieve this hight and shine in their future. 

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