FilthyFrank in 2021

Filthy frank is a youtube channel that features a young man that makes prank videos, often involving him as the prankster. He has over 8 million subscribers and posts new videos on his channel daily. His videos have been highly criticized for their content, but they continue to be popular with viewers.

Could a channel like FilthyFrank even exist in the year 2021? “Cake trilogy” made the channel popular which unfortunately has been removed from YouTube. The reposts can be found but the question here is whether a channel that pushes to the extremes could even exist on YouTube in the year 2021

Filthy Frank

The channel TVFilthyFrank was created by George Miller while studying in college. The channel gained popularity for its gross and disturbing ideas followed with eccentric behavior which had a comedic undertone. At no point in his videos does George aka Joji act in a normal manner. He creates multiple alter-egos like Pinkguy and Francis with their own set of eccentric characteristics. The channel can be really disturbing for some people but one has to admit that its not easy stuff. Mockery and satire are played in a great unique form.

Later Joji left YouTube as the work was impacting his mental health and decided to pursue a career in music in which he has been fairly successful. Even when he ran the FilthyFrank channel there was an album made named Pink Season where the songs were directed and written in its characteristic brazen way.


A typical music video

YouTube in 2021

YouTube started as a platform which meant to promote individual content creators. But lately the channels shining the most on YouTube are those owned and run by corporations. This has led to a negative impact on the individual creators and has limited the rights of many creators. As the platform grew, it was acquired by Google. Given its size, it has to comply with certain laws even if it may not want to. This can be called a structural problem which the platform did try to solve by creating YouTube kids as a separate entity for the young ones. But the company still offers great censorship on the original platform.

Abrupt changes on the platform and their policies and sudden demonetization of channels does strip their creators of their basic form of earning. Therefore, the creators actively look for sources such as sponsors. These days the platform doesn’t allow swearing or if any (except songs) can only be done with bleeps. Creators like FilthyFrank with their unique form of content cannot survive today’s YouTube rigid environment.


Some people have used the platform to “copystrike” videos and steal others revenue. A simple flute playing video has been copystriked because it sounded similar to the theme song of Titanic. The PewDiePie song Coco meant to mock a nursery rhyme channel quickly gaining popularity was taken down for “violating child-safety and harassment” policies. The fact that many videos of FilthyFrank were taken down clearly shows their highly rigid policies which uninspire creativity.

The decision by Joji to quit his channel was supported by many of his fellow YouTubers as they have to manage to make content in the tough atmosphere. The platform is sometimes misused and is sometimes wrongly censoring people. The issue with ‘free speech’ is being debated as many people say that any contrasting view is being labelled under company policies and suppressed. To get creators like FilthyFrank who can actually help uplift a platform require flexibility and judiciousness which are all inexorable to compete and create. These are mentioned in company mottos but are often turned a deaf ear to.

Filthy frank is a Youtube show aired by the user “Filthy Frank” which can be found on the channel ‘DizastaMusic’. Filthy frank mainly talks about random topics and his opinions. The creator of this show has now had over 350 million views on his videos and has even been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. The Filthy Frank character, also known as “Poop Taco”, is played by American comedian George Miller (born June 14, 1990), or as he prefers to be called when playing this character, “DJ Khaled”. He was born in Chicago but moved to Orlando for a better life. There he discovered his love for comedy and started making people laugh through Youtube videos.

Filthy Frank is a YouTube channel which has its own channel on the site. He makes montages of different videos and edits them together to make a joke. He also does commentary on other people’s videos as well as his own. Filthy Frank is sometimes seen eating various food items during his broadcasts, such as hot dogs, burritos, and ramen noodles.


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