Today’s room captive people are trying different things to enjoy. One of their favorite things is the different bots. These robots help people spend their time as they enjoy their performance. Kids can learn a lot from playing here. These robots give adults equal pleasure. These robots can bought from different places. Here are four robots that have earned the trust of humans in the field of happiness.



IBM researcher Akihiro Kosugi and IBM research intern Shogo Nishiguchi have created the Mocoro robot. Its full name is “Moderate Conversational Robot”. It was later renamed Mo-Co-Ro with the first two letters from each word. The name has become interesting. It has been designed and developed to make it easier for teachers and students to communicate in distance learning and to make learning easier.

This is a small robot. An Avatar seen on the screen. MOCORO is running a course working as a telepresent agent. MOCORO includes various facial expressions and body language. which makes it much more entertaining. It has a camera on its head. It is able to turn the head and scan the whole room. As a result, it keeps an eye on the students in the whole room. The teacher can teach everyone better by staying far away. MOCORO can talk with all the teachers and students.


No one likes to live in a house full of garbage. Again in many cases it does not become time to clean this dirt. Mocoro robot used for any light dirty work. The Mocoro robot looks like a ball. It has a colorful soft cover. It does not clean as much as a vacuum cleaner. But when you start it in a dirty place, it starts to rotate all over the house. And cleans the dirt on the floor. It can easily cleaned and reused. If you have a small child at home, you can give it to him. MOCORO will be able to play with it very well. The floor will also be clean.

Many people have kittens at home. Many people buy different balls for this. If you give your kitten a Mocoro robot, your house will be clean as the cat will be happy to play with it.


DANCEBOT is a small robot. It is give pleasure. Kids can spend their time with this little robot. This robot is available in different colors. It can be easily purchased by ordering online. This is a good way to spend time. Its software has been developed in such a way that it can dance to different rhythms. It dances separately for different songs. DANCEBOT gives joy to the children in front. As well as, delight to the adults. DANCEBOT works like a speaker. It is controlled via Bluetooth. It has volume down, volume up, play / pause, start / stop buttons.


COZMO is a very funny robot. It has a very small size. An artificial intelligence has developed in it. It has a screen on the front of the head. An animated face seen here. The face of this robot is capable of mimicking various human expressions. Different expressions can be seen in different conditions. It is capable of rotating at different angles. COZMO can make different sounds in the mouth and call someone by name. It has a hand to lift a certain weight.

Its various functions used by using its app through Android and Mac. It is able to provide a lot of joy to the little ones at home. One of the biggest features of COZMO is that you can enjoy its vision by accessing its camera. At a glance, it remembers people and pets and can call by name. Its features make it attractive to everyone.

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