Top 4 Fun Robotic Gadgets: That You Will Never Miss

We have seen many types of robots in different movies and series. In the story books written about robots. But there are many robots around us that give us joy. These are very easy to buy. The little ones in the house are very happy to see these robots. These robots are capable of giving different learning while playing and your kids will take it very easily. Boringness of children has become the most vital point nowadays. So we need to know about these robotic devices.


Ozobot is a small bot. It designed to work very well. Ozobot can controlled with the help of mobile app. It can work on a big screen. Again can work on the plane floor. Stains of different colors are painted. Ozobot’s job is to move along those stains. Ozobot gives different expressions on marks and spots according to its functioning. It is possible to make it work differently by selecting different options through the mobile app. Ozobot is also able to dance to different songs. It can dance on the mobile screen. Ozobot can dance evenly on the floor. Ozobot has different types of lighting. The time to work and dance the lights are glowing. It makes everyone’s mind very lively.

Omnibot Hello!

OmniBot Hello! MiP is a very efficient robot. It uses a self-balancing technology. It gives considerable convenience when traveling on two wheels. OmniBot is able to move back and front. It can easily move in different directions. It has very good quality sensors. When the hand is brought in front of it, its reaction is seen. In this way, it is possible to take it in different directions by controlling by hand. It can used via mobile. The mobile app has been developed for Android and iOS. It is possible to control MiP through these apps. It has a variety of options such as running in different directions, dance, fighting, etc. MiP is capable of lifting weights. And by lifting a lot of weight, it can maintain enough balance to move forward.

Tosy DiscoRobo

Most people like dancing robots. DiscoRobo is a very fun dance robot. These are easily available online. You can buy these if you want. It is very easy to use. It is designed in such a way, that it can dance very easily with a vibration. DiscoRobo can dance upside down with its head down and its legs up. It can give a lot of joy to the little ones in your home. Lighting in the dark is very nicely understood. This will help you to spend your time in a very beautiful way. It is possible to optimize better through mobile application. This little dancing robot can make your leisure time colorful enough.

Tosy SketRobo

Many of us love to draw pictures. Most people like to see painted pictures. Beautiful pictures make our minds better. Many artists have enabled artwork with their own talents. But have you ever thought that a robot can draw a picture? The robot named SketRobo is able to draw pictures. He only does pencil art. A smooth paper is place in front. It draws pictures on that paper. It is designe in such a way that it can sit a long time to draw pictures. Currently, it can draw image that already programmed. Many of his paintings are perfect. SketRobo may be advanced in the future. It will then be able to draw a picture by looking at any person or object in front of it.

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