Top 4 Sci-Fi Movies That Contain Future Concerns

When we watch robot movies, they affect us to a great extent. When we watch this movies, our interest level increases a lot. As a result, we want to watch these movies again and again. Not only is watching its movies just for fun, they can equally motivate a science lover, and many great inventions have been made on it. A science fiction writer is able to invent these ideas from his creativity which will one day be possible in the future. Robotic ingredients is influence our real life today. Here are discus about four movies that combine science and tech.

Transcendence (2014)

Dr. Will Caster is a scientist. He and his wife Evelyn are working on the nature of sapience. They want to connect it with Artificial Intelligence. Evelyn herself is a brilliant scientist. He wants to create a better future for the next generation through science. It will not only prevent disease, it will help people in many other ways. They do a few shows related to their research.

Ordinary people know about this new concept that is going to determine the future of the world. Will’s highly controversial research topic made him very famous. But some people do not like this recharge at all. They don’t want to get a machine in God’s place. They continue to attack various science and technology centers and kill Will. But thanks to the efforts of his wife Evelyn Caster and friend Max Waters, it was possible to bring Will back through artificial intelligence. Then the movie became as exciting as it was interesting.

Chappie (2015)

Crime has increased a lot in the city. Incidents like murder, robbery, theft, etc. are increasing at a tremendous rate day by day. And in order to stop these crimes, the police often had to get into trouble and die. That’s why the government decided to hire robot police. Deon Wilson’s robots has hired to work in the police. Robots made by Vincent Moore, another engineer at the company, are not approved. So he somehow envies Deon Wilson.

The robots that were damaged in the fight were brought to the company’s workshop to be repaired. Here is a robot number 22. It would damaged in every fight. In the meantime Deon has developed an intelligent artificial intelligence. Which he tries on that robot. But the robot fell into the hands of a few thieves. Those who name it Chapi and teach it to steal like themselves. The story revolves around the problems created in the city.

ELYSIUM (2013)

This is the event of 2154. During this time, as disease and poverty increased in the world, so did the population of the world. World’s population is divided here into two parts. Those who were poor have remained in the world. They survive by fighting disease, poverty and various problems every day. And those who are rich have gone to a space station called ELYSIUM outside the world. Highly intelligent robots have been created at ELYSIUM to look after and protect people. Those who are always able to work themselves perfectly.

The health system here is much more developed. The combination of science and technology enables the people here to keep their age. That means they will never grow old. In this health system isolated organs can reproduced. Anyone from ELYSIUM can come to earth if they want to. But no one in the world can go to ELYSIUM. A boy named Max, shown here. This movie shows the irresistible ability to reach ELYSIUM May and fulfill one’s human goal by overcoming all its obstacles.

The Matrix (1999)

The robot civilization became very powerful. They dominate people through a programming called Matrix. This movie shows two worlds, one is Real World and the other is Programming World. The people here all live in the world. They are connected in such a way that they feel like they are actually alive. Robots needed solar energy to run. They take energy from the human body. Sunlight could not enter the earth. People lived in a storage. Through this they were connected to the programming world. The city of Zion was actually home to a small number of living people. They were free. Robotic Soldiers are always trying to kill them. One day the main character of this story Thomas Anderson woke up. He was a computer programmer. He joins the people of Zion. After that, combining the real world and the programming world, the action-packed movie has become very interesting.


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