Top 5 Robotics Movies

Just like everyone likes to watch robot movies, they also talk about science fiction. That is the thing that is being shown in these movies today, We may see something like this in the very near future. It gives us hope. Today we will talk about five robotics movies that have been able to deliver good enough content as robotic movies.

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

In the 22nd century when the world is on the verge of destruction as a result of global warming. Earth’s water level is slowly rising, and its population is declining at an alarming rate. This is a time when people have developed high-quality artificial intelligence. Dr. Allen has already developed a robot that can understand all human things. Can respond to people’s words and present their views in different contexts. But it doesn’t have one thing that makes people human, it’s emotion. He later spelled out another robot that contained emotion. It was a baby boy robot. His name is David.

Martin, the son of Monica Swinton and Henry Swinton, is seriously ill and is in a coma. So Henry brought David home. Gradually David became a member of this family. The problem starts when Martin recovers and returns home. She continues to envy David. As a result, there was a great deal of unrest in David’s life.

The Signal (2014)

The story goes on with three MIT students Nic, Haley, and Jonah. The three of them are very good friends. They set off for California where Haley will complete her higher studies. Nic had a relationship with Haley. Nic’s legs were slowly weakening. He was walking with forearm crutches. They stay in a hotel. From that hotel, Nic and Jonah find a hacker named NOMAD, who hacked their college server a few days ago. They can know the location of NOMAD and start the journey for the purpose there.

They find out from the house whose location they tracked. Nic and Jonah enter the house. Suddenly they hear Haley screaming outside. The two of them come out and don’t see Haley in the car. Suddenly it seems as if someone is dragging Haley towards the forest. The two of them enter the forest to rescue her. Suddenly everything was blurred in white light. Then the whole story takes a turn.

Morgan (2016)

SynSect is a genetic engineering company. They wanted to make a man in the laboratory who would behave like a real man. Morgan was their third experiment. Which is successful. Earlier, two experiments failed different tests for different problems of the nervous system.  The two children died. Morgan had all the feeling of being human and he used to be human. All the scientists treated him like a child in their own family and everyone liked him. Among them, Dr. Amy Menser cared for Morgan the most and spent the most time. But one day in the forest, Morgan killed a deer. Scientist thinks that this is not supposed to happen. They locked Morgan in a room. To get out of there, Morgan’s appearance through a series of events makes the story thrilling.

I, Robot (2004)

Here are the events of 2035. This time the robot will be much more advanced. Here the robots are shown in each sector. Robots are doing what humans used to do in the past. A detective named Del Spooner can’t tolerate robots at all. He belongs to the police department and he has a hatred for robots. So he suspects robots in various cases. He has some bad memories of his past. Alfred Lanning, the co-founder of U.S. Robotics, broke the window glass and fell down and died. And while trying to solve this case, Spooner met With Dr. Susan Calvin. VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) plays an important role in this movie. With the help of Sonny Robot, they are able to go a long way in this death case. In this way, the movie becomes more and more interesting.

Automata (2014)

As a result of an explosion in the atmosphere of the sun, solar storms continue to appear in the solar system. And this radioactive wave began to damage the earth. The earth’s climate suddenly changed and the whole world turned into a desert. As a result, 99% of the world’s population dies. Survivors find new places to live. People here are very dependent on robots. The two guidelines of the humanoid automata robots were fixed here. The first is that they cannot harm any human, and the second is that they cannot repair themselves or any other robot. Robots were used to get everything out of the house, even to the city. But after a few years, some technical problems suddenly started appearing in the robots and many robots became useless. Suddenly more unimaginable events began with the robots. Which gradually made the movie plot very interesting.

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