Top Four Tech Movies: that everyone will remember

Everyone from small to big likes robot movies. Many advanced level robots are shown here. Which we all like to see. Robots are much more capable of working than humans and do not have specific weaknesses. So many times advanced level robots become more intelligent than humans. There are many movies where man-made robots have become more intelligent than humans and his power has crossed all limits. People then had to work in groups to stop that robot. Somewhere there have been attempts to deceive people through robots. Here are some of the best tech movies whose concept is very advanced. Once you watch these movies, of course you will like it.

Ex-Machina (2014)

Programmer Caleb Smith, who works at the dominant search engine company Blue Book, won a contest one day. As a result, Caleb will be able to spend a week at his luxurious home with his company’s CEO, Nathan Bateman. When he gets there by helicopter, he enters an isolated house. With the card he will only be able to enter the alerted houses for her. Nathan is say Caleb to take the turing test of a recent robot made by Nathan. The robot’s name is Ava. One session after another goes on and Caleb becomes interested in every conversation Ava has. And at one point he started liking her. In this way, the story goes on. And various twists are seen. Which is absolutely unimaginable.

The Machine (2013)

A tense situation has arisen between England and China. The only war between the two countries is waiting to be stopped. In such a situation, the efforts of the two countries to improve their technology as much as possible. Because the more advanced the technology, the better the chances of winning the war. England wanted to fight through robotic troops. As a result, their casualties will be much less. And their chances of winning the war will increase.

The story takes a new turn when scientists Vincent McCarthy and Ava start working on the same project. After Ava’s death, the newly discovered robot comes to the fore, looking exactly like Ava. He was very intelligent and Ivar had memories and feelings. He could make his own decisions. Thomson, the director of that research center, didn’t like the idea at all. He wanted the robot to do as he said. As a result, the human-to-human battle with robots becomes a very interesting story.

Passengers (2016)

A spaceship with 258 crew members. The reason is that the earth is now uninhabitable due to pollution. All the survivors slept in a sleeping chamber for many years. Suddenly one day a problem arose. Jim’s chamber became unusable for some technical reason. As a result the chamber opens and he wakes up. He woke up to find that he had to wait another 90 years to get to the planet. He tried in many ways to re-enter the chamber and fall asleep. But he could not sleep there. He began to enjoy the various facilities of the spaceship.

But while living alone, he became kind of restless. His attempt to commit suicide failed. She wanted to wake up the other people too but she couldn’t get into the room. But one day he was able to enter the sleeping room. Entered there and woke up a girl named Aurora. Then the story of the two of them took a new turn.

Life Like (2019)

James and Sophie were happily married couple. But now their situation has changed. James’s father owned a company. Before he died, he bequeathed all his property to his son, James. They started to leave the small house in a big beautiful house. James now starts running his father’s company. Both of them could not adapt to this life easily. Sophie manages the house and starts to get into trouble. But still he wants to do his own thing. Finding a scientist, they bring the robot into the house to look like a similar human. His name was Henry. Henry was able to do all the work himself and talking to him seemed like a human being. James and Sophie both begin to like Henry. But now slowly Henry began to feel like a man. And from here begins a different kind of event.

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