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    Beyoncé’s Spectacular “Renaissance” Concert Movie Set for Dual Premieres in London and Los Angeles

    International superstar Beyoncé is gearing up to present her much-anticipated concert film, “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé,” with dual premieres scheduled in Los Angeles on November 25 and London on November 30, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The film, capturing her highest-grossing tour to date, will be co-hosted by AMC Entertainment and Bey’s Parkwood […] More

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    Discover the Best Attractions to Visit in London

    London, the vibrant capital city of the United Kingdom, is a treasure trove of iconic landmarks, cultural attractions, and historical sites. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, art lover, or simply eager to explore the city’s rich heritage, London offers an array of must-visit attractions. In this article, we’ll unveil the top attractions that should be […] More

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    How to Find Love in London

    If you are looking for love in London, the city offers a wealth of opportunities to meet new people and potentially find that special someone. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and advice on how to find love. Whether you’re looking to find a sugar baby in London or you just want to settle […] More

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    London’s New Year Fireworks Display Gives Tribute To The Queen

    A tribute to the late Queen and featured in London’s New Year fireworks display, as more than 100,000 people gathered on the banks of the Thames to mark the beginning of 2023. Some 12,000 fireworks lit up the sky in the sold-out show, which was created with the theme of “love and unity”. The tribute […] More

  • London: Extinction Rebellion chaos, 102 protesters arrested

    ne hundred and two Extinction Rebellion protesters were arrested in London. As of 5:30pm on Tuesday, 40 arrests were made on the third day of protests. Ten arrests were made on Sunday and 52 arrests were made on Monday. The arrests were for a variety of offences. Among the chaos, two women were detained by officers on […] More

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    Ethereum’s London Hard Fork has been rescheduled to August 5

    Ethereum’s London hard fork is an update to the Ethereum blockchain that was initially set to occur on Aug. 4, has since been rescheduled to Aug. 5.  Ether prices, which made consistent increases throughout the most recent fourteen days in anticipation of the Ethereum London update, are presently slowed down since the hard fork is […] More

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    Some successful business stories from UK

    London’s one of the biggest business communities on the planet, so it’s nothing unexpected that the city has delivered a portion of the world’s best, and popular, businessmen.  PHILLIP GREEN ESTIMATED NET WORTH: £3.1 BILLION  School drop-out Sir Philip Green took his initial phases in the style business when he was 23; bringing in and […] More