Diverse Duo of Indian-Origin Entrepreneurs Shakes Up London Mayor Race

In a noteworthy development, the race for the Mayor of London is gaining diversity and momentum with the entry of two independent candidates of Indian origin. Businessman Tarun Ghulati, 63, kicked off his mayoral campaign during a visit to India last year, while property entrepreneur Shyam Bhatia, 62, has recently joined the electoral fray. The election is set for May 2, and the official nominations are slated for March.

Ghulati, advocating “trust and growth,” emphasizes his commitment to an independent stance, aiming to foster a free exchange of ideas and policies devoid of party ideology. Prioritizing the safety of all Londoners, revitalizing the city, and championing its communities are key focuses for Ghulati, who has resided in London for over two decades.

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Tarun Ghulati, Image: X/ @TarunGhulati

Bhatia, on the other hand, positions himself as the “ambassador of hope.” With a background in a “private bespoke financial business” geared towards affordable property ownership, he believes his credentials are apt for steering the UK capital through its challenges. Born in the UK, Bhatia expresses concern about the city’s current state and pledges to dedicate his energy to address issues arising from what he perceives as a flawed policy system.

Both candidates share a connection through their fathers’ service in the government of India. Ghulati, born in Delhi, believes in the synergy between his birthplace and his chosen home, London. Bhatia, a UK-born property businessman, is determined to overcome obstacles and restore the city to its rightful place.

The decision by Ghulati to launch his mayoral campaign in India underscores his roots and seeks blessings from his homeland for this political journey. The official nominations for the mayoral candidates are scheduled for March, where they must garner necessary support through signatures and deposits. The final list of candidates will be revealed on April 2, just a month ahead of the elections.

The diverse array of candidates challenging the incumbent, Sadiq Khan, includes representatives from various parties and independent hopefuls. As the political landscape evolves, Londoners await the unfolding narrative of this intriguing mayoral contest.

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