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    Tips to stop procrastination

    It is Saturday night, and the clock is ticking. You’re working madly on a project to finish it before the 10 o’clock deadline, while quietly execrating yourself for not starting it sooner. Many of us might have gone through similar situations, right? The very important question that always arises is whether procrastination and laziness are […] More

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    The power of optimism

    Harvey Mackay says “An optimist understands that life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere.They learn from mistakes and failures, and are not afraid to fail again”. Even if the world around you looks dark and gloomy, always try to believe that there will be a ray of light, a […] More

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    We all are either a tea lover or a coffee addict. Isn’t it?Have you ever thought of digging deep into the benefits and side effects of these two drinks? If not, this article will give you a glimpse of information about these drinks you have been drinking daily. Let’s start from the base! Tea leaves […] More

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    Let's have a green tea!

    “I wanna lose these extra kgs” “I wanna reduce my belly fat” “I wanna hydrate and nourish my skin” “I wanna unclog my pores” “I wanna prevent my hair falls” “I wanna clear my dandruff” “I wanna improve my dental health” Many issues but one solution, Green tea! Yes green tea is much more than […] More

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    What are antibodies ! How does it help fight corona infection?

                The world has been fighting the COVID-19 epidemic for more than a year. Medical experts and scientists have been involved in eye-catching vaccines and medicines day and night and have been somewhat successful in it .        Antibodies are a type of protein found in our blood […] More

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    Mask free countries!

      Israel : Israel’s health minister announced in April this year that wearing masks in public was not mandatory. On December 20 last year, Israel began vaccination of COVID-19. Israel is one of the fastest vaccinated countries in the world. Here, there were 839,000 covid infections and 6,392 people died. Newzealand :      Prime […] More

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    World no Tobacco day : may 31 .

          World Tobacco Day is observed on May 31.   The World Health Organization (WHO) observes 31st May every year as Tobacco Eradication Day and creates awareness among the people.  A cigarette contains 4,000 types of chemicals. More than half of these are bad chemicals.   Smoking can also cause cancer. Smoking can […] More

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    Zinc rich foods for vegans !

                Zinc plays an important role in boosting immunity, just like vitamin C. Zinc stimulates the body’s immune system. Most people are interested in increasing the immunity needed to protect against infection at a time when the corona second wave is spreading vigorously. People are alert to the food they […] More

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    May 28 – Menstrual hygiene day

                 Every year , May 28 is celebrated as ‘ menstrual hygiene day ‘ to create awareness about how important it is to mensural hygiene is ! . The reason and symbolic meaning for celebrating on this particular day is that average Menstrual length is 5 days ,and hence it’s […] More

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    New epidemic in town?

    Black Fungus With the second wave of COVID-19 ravaging the country, handicapping the health facilities of the country and medical professionals struggling with the rising cases of corona virus, another threat is looming by the name of Black Fungus(Mucormycosis). Talk about double trouble! What is it? Mucormycosis is a very rare fungal infection affecting 1 in […] More

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