Zinc rich foods for vegans !

            Zinc plays an important role in boosting immunity, just like vitamin C. Zinc stimulates the body’s immune system. Most people are interested in increasing the immunity needed to protect against infection at a time when the corona second wave is spreading vigorously. People are alert to the food they take. People want to be healthy by increasing their immunity. Zinc (Zinc) plays an important role in boosting immunity, just like vitamin C. Zinc stimulates the body’s immune system. It plays an important role in many physical activities. It is essential that we feel the taste and smell properly. It is present in the strong muscles of the body, skin, pancreas, liver and kidneys. Zinc is essential for healthy immunity. 

Here is the list :
 Chickpeas: Generally our people use chickpeas in their diet. This chickpea is the best way for non-vegetarians to meet their body’s zinc requirement. It contains not only zinc but also minerals like iron, sodium, selenium, manganese and copper. A cup of boiled chickpeas contains a large amount of fiber, proteins and 2.5 mg zinc.

Legumes: Pulses by another of zinc’s best. Pulses are low in fat, calories and contain essential nutrients like proteins and fiber. A cup of legumes contains nearly 4.7 mg of zinc. Use them in regular meals in the form of curry.

  Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are easy to add to countless foods. An ounce of pumpkin seed contains 2.2 mg of zinc and 8.5 mg of plant-based proteins. Eating a diet rich in pumpkin seeds can prevent the risk of cancer, research suggests. People with zinc deficiency can take a handful of pumpkin seeds every day.

Hemp seeds: Hemp seeds are a rich source of nutrients. It contains unsaturated fats and zinc. About 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contain up to 3 mg of zinc. These seeds are rich in amino acids arginine (amino acids arginine) which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. These seeds can be sprinkled in yogurt or salads.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal, which is considered to be the best breakfast, is nutritious and dense. It contains zinc, fiber, folate, vitamin B6 and beta-glucan. Half a cup of oats contains 1.3 mg of zinc

Yogurt: Low-fat yogurt or yogurt gives good bacteria to a healthy intestine and provides enough zinc. A cup of yogurt or yogurt contains 1.5 mg of zinc

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