Detoxing foods!

        Detox foods helps to u reduce the toxins present in your body . Further it can help in maintaining healthy weight and you can get relief from aches and body pain . Detox is must needed for the person who has body pains , skin problems , fatigue , cold and cough . Here are the detoxing food you can add in your list ! 

  1 ) Leafy greens – cabbage , broccoli , cauliflower has anti inflammatory and anti viral effects and improves your liver health.  

2. Lemon – rich in vitamin c and helps to regulate blood pressure . Lemon juice helps you to keep yourself hydrated .

3 ) Avacado – rich in anti oxidants and other nutrients . Helps to eliminate toxins in liver . It can lower cholesterol and dilate blood vessels .

4) Green tea – high in antioxidants . Helps you to maintain a normal weight . Produces detoxification enzymes . Drinking green tea regularly reduces the risk of diabetes , cancer and heart disease.

5) Turmeric – widely used for treatment against various infections.  Has antiviral , anti bacterial and anti inflammatory property .

6) beetroot – it has magnesium ,iron , zinc and calcium which keeps your body free from toxins. Further it helps to lower blood pressure . 

7 ) garlic – garlic has antioxidant allicin , arginine which helps in flushing out the toxins the liver . It contains organo-sulfur compounds which helps in detoxification . 

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