May 28 – Menstrual hygiene day

             Every year , May 28 is celebrated as ‘ menstrual hygiene day ‘ to create awareness about how important it is to mensural hygiene is ! . The reason and symbolic meaning for celebrating on this particular day is that average Menstrual length is 5 days ,and hence it’s on 5 th month may and the cycle lasts for a period of 28 days on average, and hence 28 th day of the month . This initiative was first started by German based NGO in the year 2014. 

            In few countries , women still doesn’t have knowledge about menstrual hygiene stuffs . Sanitary products and hygiene products should be used by every women during periods.  Lack of education about periods creates health issues among girls . People in rural areas often use cloth piece instead of napkins . They still doesn’t know the effects for such actions .This day is mainly to provide information to all about about it through social medias and campaign . A myth about periods still prevails (i.e ) the pain is normal . But highly unbearable pain is not normal and that’s something to take care of .  This day really helps for those who doesn’t have adequate facilities and clean water . Many NGOs takes initiative to provide necessary facilities to women on this day.  

        The awareness include – 

  •  making people to know the challenges and hardships faced by women during menstruation time . 
  •  To make a solution for those challenges 
  • Besides an opportunity to raise awareness , this day strengthens government accountability relating to menstrual hygiene management issues . 

       The theme of this year is   ”  Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.” The United Nations message on this day is “Menstruation is not a dirty word. Let’s talk about it!” 

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