World no Tobacco day : may 31 .

      World Tobacco Day is observed on May 31.   The World Health Organization (WHO) observes 31st May every year as Tobacco Eradication Day and creates awareness among the people. 

A cigarette contains 4,000 types of chemicals. More than half of these are bad chemicals.   Smoking can also cause cancer. Smoking can cause wheezing, fainting, coughing. Regular smoking can lead to loss of body resistance and a heart attack and stroke. While death can also occur.   Carbon monoxide goes into the body, causing severe damage to the heart and not getting enough oxygen for the lungs and limbs. This can lead to lung and heart failure and also a disability in the body.

           Every year, usage of tobacco kills 7 million people in the world, and one in 10 people die from smoking. So you need to be well aware of smoking. It is advisable to reduce smoking as much as possible.. Stay away from the smoker. Especially the young community should be protected from smoking.

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