Top immunity boosting foods to overcome infections

10 foods that boost your immune system san antonio   During pandemic , boosting immunity has become a trend . Practice of consuming healthy foods should be followed throughout the life . Here are some immunity boosters that helps you to fight against infections ! 

  • Vitamin c  – citrus fruits like lemon , amla and orange are loaded with vitamin c . Lack of vitamin c will make u prone to illness .
  • Garlic – garlic has Sulphur compound that exhibits immunity boosting properties and keeps diseases away .
  • Ginger – Is good for throat infection , helps in inflammation . And can heal a sore throat . It has potential to combat inflammatory diseases 
  • Yogurt – the good bacteria in yogurt act as a natural defense mechanism and triggers the immune system . 
  • Zinc – zinc is found in seafoods, milk , wholegrains . Zinc is need for cell development . Oysters , legumes , beans , shellfish are good sources of zinc .
  • Few other ways to boost immunity : exercise , maintain healthy weight , take a good amount of fruits and vegetables . Never smoke .
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