Are you quarantined in your home due to covid? Then this is for you. And hats off to all the warriors fighting to save the mankind. Lockdown, Covid 19, Quarantine, Wear your mask, Sanitize often. Yes, I know, too much pressure, right ? and some of us are allergic to these terms. But we’ve got your back, mate. No one is immune to the negative emotions. So, chin up, lets talk about some ways to kick away your negative thoughts.


” TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS GOOD FOR NOTHING “, overthinking is normal, but please don’t over do it. I’ve never heard anyone say, “No, I don’t overthink” and if you are one of them who don’t overthink, wow! Yet it has its own advantage and disadvantage. We’re not going to talk about that advantage part, because it does only little good. The main point is it ruins you from inside out. 

 When someone asks you not to overthink, it’s not like they don’t do it. We are on the same boat and I just wanna say that we can all swim through it. People tend to overthink mostly at night time or while trying to sleep, so, when you realize it’s overwhelming you, just remember it’s normal because you’ll always come out it and wake up the next day with a different mood. 


I know many people who avoids social media, because they get addicted to it and eventually lose track of their daily life progress.  When you’re sick or quarantined at home, social media loads you with a lot of information. Sometimes it gives you a relaxed mind. But at certain times, you’ll be overwhelmed by over-using it. 

YES ! It helps you build relationships, share your thoughts and educate yourself. But take a break when you need it. All I want you to know is YOU ARE ENOUGH and remember WHO YOU ARE. Somehow social media manages to put toxic ideas in your mind. So, you have to understand it’s okay to feel low, because you’ve the strength to come back. There are many influencers today who talks about these issues and make you feel good. Again, Too much of anything is good for nothing.


Don’t expect too much from yourself. Some of you will not feel comfortable while working at home because you tend to be disturbed by a lot of things. You will not feel that working atmosphere in your home. So, it’s normal to relax often. Have a schedule prepared. Try to complete at least one of your planned schedule. Treat yourself. It’s not because you completed it, it’s because you attempted to complete it. Appreciate yourself. If not you, then who?

4. BORED ?

When you’re bored, please don’t sleep unless you’re tired. Try something different.

  1. Try drawing in a paper, get some help from the youtubers.
  2. Start a YouTube channel, because you never know how your story inspire others unless you try it out.
  3. Read books or try reading a genre that you’ve never read before.
  4. Watch some fantasy movies or whatever genre you prefer to watch.
  5. Try gardening, be it in your room or in your balcony and become a proud plant parent.
  6. Get a dog or try spending extra time with your pets.
  7. Try some DIY.
  8. Try writing something- that’s how I ended up here 🙂
  9. Try dancing, it makes you feel free and energetic.
  10. Try editing a video or try acting.

Just remember,

The only failure is not to try

– George Clooney.

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