All you need to know about google's company culture.

        A quality work environment is one of the key factor for an organization success .  When people speak about a great organization environment , Google’s company culture always comes to mind . So , why is that and what’s unique about it !?.

           Google’s company culture is one of its secret behind their success and productivity . Google for many awards for its workplace culture . It is ofcourse one of the best company to work for ! The unique feature is that it has a ‘ fun work environment ‘ . Google provides perks to the employees like video game facilities , gyms , swimming pools , health checkup and basic dental checkups and breakfast , lunch and dinner at free of cost . Google has created a work place where employees feel free to express their creativity . And also importance is given to innovations . It encourages it’s employees to think out of the box . Employees always have the option to speak up and to contribute their ideas and voice out their opinion . Google hires people who fit to their company’s culture but It hired only 1 percentage of overall applicants over the past years . Google is surely one of the best company that sets as an example to other growing firms .google employee culture 1578053491


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