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    New titles revealed at E3 Expo

    The biggest video gaming event of the year is underway and many big titles by “Game Developing” Giants have been dropped !!  The E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) Expo 2021, which is an annual event hosted in the Los Angeles, is held digitally this year, owning to the global pandemic of COVID-19 virus. The expo was held between […] More

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    Top 4 Sci-Fi Movies That Contain Future Concerns

    When we watch robot movies, they affect us to a great extent. When we watch this movies, our interest level increases a lot. As a result, we want to watch these movies again and again. Not only is watching its movies just for fun, they can equally motivate a science lover, and many great inventions […] More

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    Top 4 Fun Robotic Gadgets: That You Will Never Miss

    We have seen many types of robots in different movies and series. In the story books written about robots. But there are many robots around us that give us joy. These are very easy to buy. The little ones in the house are very happy to see these robots. These robots are capable of giving […] More

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    Today’s room captive people are trying different things to enjoy. One of their favorite things is the different bots. These robots help people spend their time as they enjoy their performance. Kids can learn a lot from playing here. These robots give adults equal pleasure. These robots can bought from different places. Here are four […] More

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    The Technical Reality Of Artificial Intelligence Is Shown In The Iron Man Movie

    Iron Man is one of the favorite movies of today’s young generation. The reason why it is widely accepted by people of different tests is that science and technology are mentioned here. Marvel has many series and movies that try to show something miraculous. Also in the series called Flash, there are some weird things […] More

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    The Revolution which is changing the whole world and we are still the spectators- The Fourth Industry

    The term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was coined by the founder of the World Economic Forum, a former professor named Klaus Schwab. Schwab wrote a book with that title to describe an era marked by “A technological revolution” that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.” Technology like Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles […] More

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    Top Four Movies Based On Modern Technology And AI

    We all love science fiction movies. But some sci-fi movies seem realistic. We often watch these movies more than once. However, many such fantasies may be realized soon, which is now only possible to show in the movie. But that day will not be so much emphasis on them. Because then they will be within […] More

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    Jack Ma’s feud with the Chinese government

    Jack Ma is currently worth nearly half of what he was a mere nine months ago. What child did he bear that led to this downfall and fallout with the Chinese government, the CCP. The story is longer and has much more than one or two saucy comments. Inception When Jack Ma founded the Alibaba […] More

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    Who Will Be The God Of The Future: Humans Or Robots

    It is said that when God first created man, he became very interested in his child. God loves man very much as his own child. Humans today have been able to invent artificial intelligence and robots. Today, robotics technology is not so advanced that it will be possible to create advanced intelligent robots, but people […] More

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    Tony Stark All Creative Artificial Intelligence

    In the present scenario, most functional aspects of an AI are imaginative. We like to watch it in movies but in reality, such a thing does not happen. If there is talk of artificial intelligence and the Iron Man movie doesn’t play a big part there, then this discussion is in vain. Tony Stark, also […] More

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