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    Zuckerberg Accepts Musk’s Cage Fight Challenge: Meta Founder vs. Twitter Owner

    In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently took to the platform to express his willingness to engage in a cage match with Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and CEO of Meta. The exchange began when Musk responded to a tweet discussing Meta’s plans to launch a Twitter competitor. Musk commented, […] More

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    Mark Zuckerberg Shares Thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

    In a recent meeting with Meta employees, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), expressed his perspective on Apple’s Vision Pro headset unveiling. Despite Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg seemed unfazed and discussed his thoughts with Meta’s employees. During the companywide meeting, Zuckerberg stated that Apple’s device did not present any significant technological […] More

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    The Fall of Facebook: From Social Media Giant to Public Scrutin

    Facebook was once considered one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world, but in recent years, its reputation has taken a serious hit. From privacy scandals to political controversies, Facebook has been at the center of public scrutiny and criticism. One of the biggest controversies surrounding Facebook was the Cambridge Analytica scandal […] More

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    How to Apply Meta Verified: A Guide to Getting Verified on Instagram and Facebook

    To help creators and businesses establish their online presence and build their community faster, Facebook announced in late 2021 that it would begin testing a new subscription bundle called Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook. The package includes a verified badge, proactive account protection, access to account support, increased visibility, and reach. Although it was […] More

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    Facebook and Instagram Test Paid Verification Service in Australia and New Zealand

    Facebook and Instagram have rolled out a new paid subscription service in Australia and New Zealand, marking the first time the social media giants have offered such features for a fee. The move comes as parent company Meta, formerly known as Facebook, looks to diversify its revenue streams amid a drop in advertising revenues. The […] More

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    Meta Announcement: Now Buy Blue Tick on Instagram and Facebook, Here are more Details

    Now buy Facebook Blue Tick, Buy Instagram Blue Tick: In an effort to increase the authenticity and security of their services, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is launching a new subscription service called Meta Verified. The service is intended to allow users to verify their accounts with a government ID, receive a blue badge, and […] More

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    Meta to pay $725 million in settlement over Cambridge Analytica scandal

    Facebook parent company Meta agreed to settle Cambridge Analytica case for $725 million, a filing from the US District Court reveals. The proposed settlement would resolve a case that has been open since 2018, in which Facebook was accused of allowing the third-party consulting firm to access the data of nearly 87 million users. More

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    Reason Behind Facebook Starting Metaverse Journey By Rebranding Itself As Meta

    ‘Meta’ in Greek means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’. The overall Facebook company will now simply be called Meta. However, the Facebook app will retain its name and there’s no change for other apps. ‘An immersive embodied internet’, that’s how Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook and now the CEO at ‘Meta’, is describing the ‘metaverse’ that the company wants to ‘help’ […] More