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    Unveiling Federal Probes into Tesla’s Secret ‘Glass House’ Project Funding

    Recent developments have shed light on a significant investigation involving Tesla, the innovative electric vehicle and technology company. The Manhattan federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have embarked on separate inquiries concerning the allocation of Tesla’s funds for a clandestine venture referred to internally as the ‘glass house’ project. Sources familiar with […] More

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    Elon Musk’s Tesla Faces Major Data Breach as Inside Job Hits 75,000 Individuals

    In an incident that sent shockwaves through the tech industry, a colossal data breach unfolded within Elon Musk’s Tesla, impacting a staggering 75,735 individuals. The breach, which came to light in May, had its origins in a case of “insider wrongdoing,” tarnishing the reputation of the Austin, Texas-based automotive giant. Among those affected by this […] More

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    Elon Musk Sued by Investor Over His 10 Percent Tesla Stock Sale Tweet

    Musk had asked in a poll on Twitter if people thought he should sell 10 percent of his stake in Tesla.  In the poll, almost 58 percent of the 3.5 million votes cast were in favor of him proceeding with the sale. Now, Tesla investor David Wagner has accused Musk of violating an agreement with […] More

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    Tesla profit surge driven by record number of car deliveries

    Tesla has revealed surging profits, in spite of shortages of semiconductor chips and blockage at ports hampering production.  Deals rose to $12bn (£8.6bn) in the three months to the furthest limit of June, up from $6bn per year prior, when its US production line was closed down.  The electric carmaker said it conveyed a record […] More

  • Some Chance That Tesla’s Cybertruck May Flop – Elon Musk

    To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop, because it is so unlike anything else. I don’t care. I love it so much even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future. — Elon Musk […] More

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    Top 5 electric cars coming in India – eXUV300 To Tesla Model 3

    Electrification is acquiring pace in the car business of India, with an ever-increasing number of carmakers getting on board with that fad. By 2022, there are a lot of electric vehicles planned to show up in our market, going from passage-level moderate models to extravagance EVs from carmakers like Audi and Jaguar. However, there are […] More

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    Crypto bloodshed on Sunday

    Sunday is the day when the stock markets are closed, but for the crypto traders every day is open. The crypto market trades every day and 24/7. On the Sunday morning in the Western world where most crypto traders exist, the market opened with strong bears ending in a crash. The entire week has been […] More