Tesla’s Big Comeback: Stock Soars 27% in a Week

Tesla’s stock surged by 27% this past week, wiping out all its losses for the year, following some bad performance at the beginning of the year. The surge was way beyond the anticipated Q2 vehicle delivery figures. Despite the demanding situations for Tesla, its perception remains great towards the future with new projects in line, just like the Robotaxi.


Tesla started rough in 2024, but this week things came full circle. Tesla’s stock had surged 27 per cent at the end of the week scraping off its losses for the year. The stock closed the week at $251.55 above where it was at the end of the previous year at $248.40. Earlier this year in April, Tesla’s stock had fallen to $138.80.

This surprise upward pushes occurred due to Tesla’s car delivery record on Tuesday. The document showed that even though deliveries had been 4.8% much fewer as compared to the previous year, it became a smaller drop than inside the first quarter. This gave buyers desire for the rest of the year.
Tesla had confronted many problems in advance inside the 12 months. In the primary zone, income in their cars decreased, they needed to lay off many employees, and there had been gossips that they canceled plans to make a less expensive family automobile in Texas. However, now Tesla looks forward to higher days forward. They will declare their 2nd-quarter monetary results on July 23. People are mainly attracted to how great a deal of cash they made by selling vehicles.


Since last year’s beginning, Tesla has used heavy discounts and offers to lure humans into buying electric cars. This also applies to the popular models of a Model three sedans and Model Y crossovers, droit up to the high-priced Model S and Model X. In late 2023, Tesla just started selling a new Cybertruck. In a post by a social media platform, the Cybertruck will finish the second quarter of 2024 as the United States’ top-selling fully electric pickup truck. Through the same period, Ford moved 7,902 of their electrified F-150 Lightning pickups.

In addition to the economic report announced for next month, Cantor Fitzgerald analysts believe a big ad event will be the case for Tesla stock—something called Robotaxi Day. On 8th August, Tesla plans to give a view of its new Robotaxi, otherwise named a Cybercab. Though the car will not go on sale until 2027, it shall form a very critical part of Tesla’s future.

Despite the current profits, Tesla stays at the back of the general marketplace this year. The Nasdaq index is up 22 per cent and the S&P 500 has risen 17 per cent, while Tesla’s inventory has simplest long gone up by the use of 1.2 per cent.

Partly due to controversial comments by CEO Elon Musk and his political involvement, Tesla has taken a hit in terms of brand image, says the Axios Harris poll released recently. In yet another survey by the New York Times, it is found that some people are such a turn-off to his behaviour that they are choosing not to buy Tesla cars.


It is also missing the target on its promise to make its motors completely self-driving. Musk informed investors in 2016 that all new Tesla’s have the hardware necessary for driving themselves. But last month, he declared that the whole new hardware setup remains required to do so, stating these features will only be fully activated once the software is thorough enough allowing them to do so.

In brief, Tesla simply had the best week with its stock price increasing by a thoughtful mile. Though extra hurdles and postponements are yet to be overcome, the business enterprise looks forward to fresh challenges and enhancements that may support the company develop way more within the future.


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