Tesla Recalls Thousands of Cybertrucks Over Technical Issue

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Tesla has announced a comprehensive recall of all Cybertruck units due to a technical fault. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) brought attention to the issue, stating that it could result in the pedal pad dislodging and becoming trapped in the vehicle’s interior trim when significant force is applied.

The problem stemmed from an “unapproved change” during the manufacturing process, where the introduction of “lubricant (soap)” compromised the pedal pad’s retention, according to the recall notice. Despite this, the truck’s brakes remain functional even if the accelerator pedal becomes ensnared, providing a temporary solution.

The recall affects all Model Year (MY) 2024 Cybertruck vehicles manufactured from November 13, 2023, to April 4, 2024, totaling 3,878 vehicles produced during this period. This marks the recall of all Cybertrucks since the vehicle’s launch last year.

The recall came to light when Cybertruck customers received notifications of delivery delays earlier in the week. Tesla became aware of the technical fault when at least one owner reported their dealership informing them of a recall due to the accelerator pedal issue. Further attention was drawn to the problem when a Cybertruck owner posted a TikTok video demonstrating how the fault “held the accelerator down 100 percent, full throttle.”

Tesla’s timeline, documented in the NHTSA filing, indicates that the company first learned of the defective accelerator pedals on March 31st, with a subsequent report on April 3rd. Following internal assessments to determine the cause, Tesla voluntarily initiated the recall on April 12th.

As of the beginning of this week, Tesla has not reported any collisions, injuries, or deaths resulting from the pedal fault. The manufacturer has committed to informing its stores and service centers about the issue around April 19th.

Tesla is offering a total refund or free replacement for the affected part to all Cybertruck owners. Additionally, any trucks not built with the revised accelerator pedal component and part number starting from April 17th will be included in the recall immediately.

This marks the second recall event for the Cybertruck, following a previous recall in February that affected only US Tesla vehicles. The earlier recall addressed insufficiently large font sizes on the flight control panel texts, which resulted in non-compliance with safety regulations. This issue was resolved through a software update.


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