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  • ro111

    Top 4 Sci-Fi Movies That Contain Future Concerns

    When we watch robot movies, they affect us to a great extent. When we watch this movies, our interest level increases a lot. As a result, we want to watch these movies again and again. Not only is watching its movies just for fun, they can equally motivate a science lover, and many great inventions […] More

  • ro11

    Top Four Tech Movies: that everyone will remember

    Everyone from small to big likes robot movies. Many advanced level robots are shown here. Which we all like to see. Robots are much more capable of working than humans and do not have specific weaknesses. So many times advanced level robots become more intelligent than humans. There are many movies where man-made robots have […] More

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    The Revolution which is changing the whole world and we are still the spectators- The Fourth Industry

    The term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was coined by the founder of the World Economic Forum, a former professor named Klaus Schwab. Schwab wrote a book with that title to describe an era marked by “A technological revolution” that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.” Technology like Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles […] More

  • robo mo

    Top Four Movies Based On Modern Technology And AI

    We all love science fiction movies. But some sci-fi movies seem realistic. We often watch these movies more than once. However, many such fantasies may be realized soon, which is now only possible to show in the movie. But that day will not be so much emphasis on them. Because then they will be within […] More

  • RObo fd

    An Intelligent Robot Friend Forever

    We each have one or more friends in life. For them, a part of our lives today may be full of entertainment, arguments, fun, gossip, going for walks, etc. But they are all human beings. None of them are robots or aliens. I may not be able to talk about aliens. But the arrival of […] More

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    Who Will Be The God Of The Future: Humans Or Robots

    It is said that when God first created man, he became very interested in his child. God loves man very much as his own child. Humans today have been able to invent artificial intelligence and robots. Today, robotics technology is not so advanced that it will be possible to create advanced intelligent robots, but people […] More

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    Tony Stark All Creative Artificial Intelligence

    In the present scenario, most functional aspects of an AI are imaginative. We like to watch it in movies but in reality, such a thing does not happen. If there is talk of artificial intelligence and the Iron Man movie doesn’t play a big part there, then this discussion is in vain. Tony Stark, also […] More