Tips to stop procrastination

It is Saturday night, and the clock is ticking. You’re working madly on a project to finish it before the 10 o’clock deadline, while quietly execrating yourself for not starting it sooner.

Many of us might have gone through similar situations, right? The very important question that always arises is whether procrastination and laziness are the same. The answer is no.Procrastination is choosing to do some task other than the task you should be doing. While laziness is complete inactivity.Procrastination often leads to demotivation and in an extreme case it may lead to depression.  How do we overcome procrastination?Here are some ways not to fall in the trap of procrastination. • Believe in yourself and your abilities.  

• Create a good environment around you. 

• Get rid of distractions. 

• Motivate yourself with good thoughts. 

• Focus on your end goal. 

• Avoid a perfectionist mindset. 

• Take down the to-do list. 

• Break down large tasks into smaller ones. 

• Set deadlines. 

• Take breaks in between the tasks. 

• Reward yourself after the completion of each task.

 Victor Kiam says, “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin”.



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