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    Top 5 Robotics Movies

    Just like everyone likes to watch robot movies, they also talk about science fiction. That is the thing that is being shown in these movies today, We may see something like this in the very near future. It gives us hope. Today we will talk about five robotics movies that have been able to deliver […] More

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    People Will Lose Their Jobs Due To The Upgrade Of Technology

    In the previous, some decades technology has huge upgraded. But the benefit of technology upgrading can hit some traditional employment. In the following points tried to discuss it simply. Driverless Car Currently, the driverless car is already on the road. Arriving with auto-driving technology, these cars are environmentally friendly. Because, it is battery-powered. Modern society […] More

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    Possible To Make A Sex Robot: Upshot

    A few days ago, a lot of news came out about sex dolls. Men can only use these. For the time being, there are no such pleasurable things for girls. But why only for men? This is because the shape of the feminine shape is much easier and the marketing demand is higher for boys. […] More