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    IMA 2023 Spotlight: Evangeline Cain Nominated For Women Entrepreneur of The Year

    In a world where words have the power to transform lives, Evangeline Cain has proven herself a true mastermind. As the creative force behind captivating literary works “Unfold Your Petals” and “As She Walled,” her influence goes far beyond the pages. Her impact reverberates across the digital landscape, with features in renowned publications like the […] More

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    IMA 2023 Spotlight: Steanie Naaji Nominated For Founder of The Year Award

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Steanie Naaji for her well-deserved nomination as “Founder of the Year” at the upcoming IMA 2023 Influencer Magazine Awards. Steanie’s journey as a global influencer is marked by her dedication to culture preservation and the empowerment of women. Her upcoming lifestyle brand, Ephessus Submit, stands as a testament to […] More