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    Elon Musk reacts on throwback pic of him and Jeff Bezos having lunch

    A reply by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on a tweet consisting of a throwback picture showcasing himself and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has now created a Twitter chatter. It all started with a post by Twitter user Trung Phan, who shared the image earlier this month. His post captured people’s attention after Musk shared his […] More

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    DTC brands are believing in micro-influencers as ‘A cost-effective option’

    The DTC brand collaborates with micro-influencers via product launches, paid partnerships and gifting products in exchange for a post. The company did not say exactly how much it pays micro-influencers for their “very engaged audience.” Overall, the company spends 25% of its digital media budget on influencer marketing, including macro-influencers and celebrities. “We find, however, […] More

  • Billionaire rapper Jay-Z got more richer

    Since he first hit the music scene rapper Jay-Z has never been short of a bob or two. And now hip-hop’s first billionaire musician is even richer. In the past week, Jay-Z has signed an agreement to sell his majority share in the music streaming company Tidal for US $297 million (NZ$414 million). Forbes reports he is […] More

  • UK banned the use of filters on cosmetics product ads on Instagram

    The UK’s advertising regulator recently announced a watershed ruling against Instagram influencers that use image-altering filters while being paid to promote beauty products. Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) determined that social media adverts containing filters that could exaggerate the results of the product being marketed to the audience were misleading, and that brands and influencers found in breach […] More

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    UK Mesothelioma Victim Files Suit Against Sir Richard Branson

    A 74-year-old former shop fitter from the United Kingdom has filed a mesothelioma lawsuit against Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire and former owner of Virgin Records. According to the claim, Bernard Jones had worked on the first retail space for the iconic record store and was exposed to asbestos while doing demolition and installation work. […] More