Ordinary Boy With Extraordinary Approaches: Success Story Of Young Entrepreneur Raj Shamani

An ordinary boy who declared himself as a ” Useless Kid ” who was an average student, who had to face a fair amount of downs while applying for jobs in his college years borrowed 10,000 rupees from his dad to start a new business on his own. That was Raj Shamani years back. Today, he is an influencer inspiring generation y.

Who knew that this 24-year-old Raj Shamani, born and bought up in Indore, will be the youngest Indian to represent his country in the United Nations Assembly. Raj Shamani has not only founded the Shamani Industries but also taken it to greater heights of success. He has been travelling all around the world delivering Tedx Talks and speeches, sharing his knowledge on business startups, success and failure stories.

Small Beginning

Many people question his capabilities articulating that he is too young, what he knows about business, he hasn’t seen anything and the list goes on and on. But his Instagram following of almost a Million has something else to say. Raj Shamani belongs to a usual middle-class family, where his father income wasn’t sufficient to build a better living. Left with no choice but to start a business of his own, Raj Shamani comes with the idea of manufacturing and selling laundry detergent. Being from a business background, Shamani knew how to sell things and built a market.

He took guidance from his father and decided to start something in the same industry where his father is working. His approach was so different from his father. He showed his willingness to take risks, to make spontaneous decisions and, even, that decision fails him, he was ready.

He did market research, learns market trends and discovers that there is growth potential in the soap making industry, and there were only two leading brands at that point, so, he decided to make a dishwasher.

After watching a lot of youtube tutorials, he finally made the product and named it Jadugar Drop. Raj’s strategy was so clear, he wants to make sure that the product he sells is cheaper than its competitors and also provide good quality.

Raj Shamani implemented a strategy where he accumulated data from about 17 Societies and comprehended that the women in these societies wanted to earn money. He arranged a seminar inviting these women, telling them to spread a good word about his product and in return he will give them 25 per cent of profit earned.

This strategy works out and, many vendors around his area started selling his product. Within a year, his venture started blooming and, from that point, there was no turning back for Raj Shamani,

Raj Shamani Motive

He is on a journey to bring change. He believes that life is all about figuring out, people should focus on figuring out their purpose in life. He quoted,” It’s okay if you haven’t figured out yet but, sooner or later, you have to come up with an answer. “

Specifically, for this sole reason, he started his podcast called figuring out where with his knowledge he inspires people to invest in harnessing their skills, investing as much as they can and most importantly to live in the present.

Raj Shamani is just an ordinary boy who figures out his motive in his life and also helps others to figure out theirs.

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