Young Entrepreneur in India

In today’s scenario, with the population of 7.6 billion people there are only two types of people, one who is a leader and one who is a follower. The followers go along while leaders make their own path and enjoy their journey of success. Today’s world is witnessing more of a passionate young entrepreneurs working sustainably and rapidly. They are really motivated to make our world better and not harming it by any business activity they do.

According to World Bank data, economic survey of 2019-2020, India stands at third position for growing number of business creators. India is witnessing young entrepreneurs in business world. This young entrepreneur grabs opportunities to start and operate business. They also assume loss and risk and work according to that. Existing business runners are facing huge competition with these young starters.

Business world is dynamic. Government of India is encouraging entrepreneurship in service sector and supporting this trend. Biggest advantage of entrepreneurship is that it provides job opportunities which thus develop the community. It also stimulates economy and brings societal changes. These young entrepreneurs made admirable moves in business world with their creativity.

 Many people assumes that young entrepreneurs are not much capable of handling and facing business challenges but this is a false assumption. Young entrepreneurs do face problems like lack of finances to startup or age discrimination or sometimes not getting respect from potential buyers or employees. They overcome this problems by self motivating and staying passionate about their work.

Here are some examples of young entrepreneurs in India.

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran , founder of GoDimensions made a remarkable move at the age of 18 and 16 respectively . They stepped into digital world and now are successful business owners.

 Farrhad Acidwala, starting at the age of 16 by borrowed 500bucks now has his own developers, marketers and designers across the globe. 

Ritesh Agarwal , founder of OYO rooms is Gurgaon based company and was founded in 2012. This college dropout now has 700 hotels under his brand.

Deepak Ravindran, founded quest technologies. His latest is lookup, which allows people to chat with local business and shops through this messaging app.

Advit Thakur ,CEO of apex Infosys India. He is a computer programmer and serial entrepreneur.

If you are looking forward to start your own business but are afraid to take a step in business world, so don’t worry, these above mentioned examples can be your motivation to start and continue your business even though you face problems. You can learn a lot from these young owners about how they overcame every obstacle and continued to grow. BE WILLING TO BE BEGINNER EVERY SINGLE MORNING.


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