Natural Healer

Here are the 20 most effective natural ingredients for health, digestion, and skin.

1. Aloe Vera

Benefits- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, clear skin, makes hair dandruff free.

How to use- use the gel as a face cleanser and a face mask.

2. Baking Soda

Benefits- deep clean scalp and skin, Soften feet, Teeth whitener, Natural deodorant.

How to use- mix with water to make a mask for scalp and face, rub under armpits.

3. Honey

Benefits- improve digestion, Lose weight relieve nausea, Sore throat, Acne cure, Promote sleep.

How to use- use as a face cleanser, wash hair, add to warm milk to help you sleep.

4. Turmeric

Benefits- burns toxin, Cure acne, Treat cough, Cold, Heal wound, Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral

And antioxidant.

How to use- can be used in milk, tea, soup, and stew. Make a face mask for acne.

5. Garlic

Benefits- antiseptic, Antibacterial, Relieves cough and cold, Detoxifies.

How to use- crush and use directly on wounds, sauté with vegetables, add to sauce.

6. Ginger

Benefits- anti-inflammatory, Relieves bloating, Headache, Menstrual cramps, and nausea

How to use- make a ginger tea and can add a few slices to soups and salads.

7. Lemon

Benefits- detox, improve digestion, help a sore throat and relieve cough, lighten scars and dark

spots, improve digestive system.

How to use- make lemon tea for sore throat and cough. Make the paste for face toner for clear skin.

8. Coconut

Benefits- help in hair growth, clear skin, fade skin stretch marks, soften feet, treat dry lips and

Dark cuticles.

How to use- massage warm oil on feet, hair, skin, lips, and nails.

9. Onion

Benefits- treat cough, relieve stomach ache, promote hair growth.

How to use- consume onion juice to relieve cough. Use as a hair mask.

10. Green tea

Benefits- maintain body weight, healthy skin, shiny hair, boost digestion.

How to use- use as a hair rinse and a face toner. Consume daily to improve digestion.

11. Vinegar

Benefits- treat cold, sore throat, aid in weight loss, clear acne, shiny hair.

How to use- use as a facial toner, rinse hair with it, add to salads and drinks.


Benefits- helps in digestion, boost the immune system, brightens skin, treats dandruff.

How to use- consume daily and also use it as a face mask and hair mask.

13. Mint

Benefits- heal acne, nausea, soothe burns, effective for bloating and migraine.

How to use- make a mint tea, use a handful of leaves in bath water for clear skin.

14. Fenugreek

Benefits- reduce inflammation, treat digestive problems, hair fall remedy, and clear skin.

How to use- include in your diet, make a paste for hair and face mask.

15. Cumin

Benefits- induce sleep, relieve bloating, acidity, boost the immune system.

How to use- chew seeds to cure acidity, drink cumin tea for sleep.

16. Cinnamon

Benefits- anti-inflammatory, improve skin health, fight allergies, packed with antioxidants.

How to use- make detox drink, add to tea, coffee, curries, soup, and stew.

17. Oats

Benefits- great source for important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, healthy skin.

How to use- simply eat oatmeal for breakfast. Mix with milk for a face cleanser.

18. Olive oil

Benefits- strengthen the immune system, anti-aging, natural moisturizer for skin and hair.

How to use- substitute regular cooking oil with olive oil. Use as a massage oil for the face and hair.

19. Fennel

Benefits- aids digestion, detoxify, remedy for bloating, menstrual cramps, breath freshener.

How to use- chew fennel seeds, drink fennel tea, make detox water.

20. Buttermilk

Benefits- fight acidity, improve digestion, soothe the stomach, brighten the complexion.

How to use- drink after meals to promote digestion. Use as a toner for the face.

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