Career Options for Students in the times of Pandemic

They say “Young minds are hard to find”, this quote justifies those enthusiastic students who want to fly higher in an open sky and never want to stop. These young minds have different kind of hunger which never let them sit and rest. They not only want to acquire knowledge from their college but also do something to satisfy their own interests and needs by launching their own ventures. This article is for those open-eyed dreamers who are searching their platforms.

There are two perspectives of choosing a start up to launch: 1. Your own skill or hobby and 2. To invent or provide services to others to make their lives easier. So, here are some booming business ideas for you to read and take decision accordingly:

1.Blog Writing

If you are good enough to express your thoughts through writing then this option is for you. You can write on whatever you want i.e. if you like to write on fashion and trends then you may start a lifestyle blog. Once you get a good number of audience on your blog, your way to earn gets clear. Even in your CV, it looks good that you own a blog and have readers.

2.Web Designer

Nowadays, every organisation (either small or big) wants to get noticed on internet and to accomplish this goal, it seeks a good Web Designer who can design its website to draw a long-lasting impression on the audience. So, if you are good at Web Designing then don’t hesitate to showcase your talent and earn money.

3.Event Manager

If you are extremely creative and can easily organise an event then this option is best for you. You may organise and manage an event for any organisation or your own college. And in this time of Pandemic, it has become more easier to arrange online events. So, why to wait when you are getting paid for managing events while sitting at home.

4.Make your own Website

Students can make their own websites and insert a catalog on it, according to their product availability and market demand. Here, you might be a manufacturer or a platform provider to other manufacturers. The earnings either come from your customers or from those manufacturers for whom you work as a mediator between them and their customers.

The list doesn’t end here. A young mind is capable of doing  many more things. There is a process behind every  start-up but only those get the ‘successful’ tag which have crystal clear vision and right direction.

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