12 Slangs You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency- I know for a fact that you get to hear this word a lot of times these days. News channels are bombarding with the exceptional downfall of cryptocurrency. In a situation like this, which makes it crucial for us to understand the area of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a very dynamic area, which keeps on fluctuating. It accumulates a lot of jargon which is difficult to grasp by an income. So, if you are someone who is finding it difficult to understand the jargon that is associated with cryptocurrency, this article is for you.

Here are some popular jargon, which is used in cryptocurrency

Cryptoloot – This term is usually used to define all cryptocurrencies.

Cryptoland – This term is used to define the structure of the cryptocurrencies that associate all blockchains and technologies.

FUD -FUD is the abbreviation used for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. This term is used to elaborate a psychological strategy, which causes fear and doubt among the people, results in the fall in the price of a coin or whole cryptocurrencies.

DYOR – DYOR is the abbreviation used for Do Your Own Research. Cryptocurrencies are confusing one wrong move and, you will end up losing your investment. This term suggests to investors that research should be conducted before investing.

To The Moon – The term is used to define a situation where the price of a particular cryptocurrency has climbed up exceptionally, reaching its highest value.

ATH – All-Time High is used when new records are made for the trading of a coin.

FOMO – FOMO is the abbreviation used for Fear Of Missing Out. Surprisingly, this term is used in the cryptocurrency world just like its literary meaning. It refers to having an obsessive fear of missing out on a profitable opportunity.

HODL – This term refers to a situation where an investor continues to hold a coin even when its prices drop continuously. The investor waits for the price of the coins to increase and doesn’t agree to sell the coins. This term come into the existence in 2013, when a person mistakenly writes the word HODL instead of HOLD.

PUMP and DUMP – It refers to a clever strategy used by a group of investors to manipulate the market.

Shitcoin – As the name suggests, shitcoin is an ordinary cryptocurrency with repeated features. Shitcoin is also used to define cryptocurrencies that don’t serve any specific purpose.

OCD – OCD short for Obsessive Crypto Disorder or Cryptosis. It is a disorder found when an investor has a burning desire to know everything and, anything about cryptocurrencies. Some symptoms found are listening, reading and, talking about cryptocurrencies and, buying cryptocurrencies in bulk.

Rekt – It refers to a situation where an investor either sells his investments too soon or too late.

Final Thoughts

Dealing in cryptocurrencies can be very tricky sometimes. Before entering the market, it’s crucial to study and gain enough knowledge to minimize the chances of failure. The above-mentioned jargon will help you to understand cryptocurrency better.

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