Avoid Visiting These Places During And After Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the circumstances drastically. Our world is still struggling against it. Undeniably, the number of cases is going down with each passing day. This news is a silver lining for us but, it doesn’t give us the liberty to completely ignore the fact that our situation is still vulnerable. We need to take proper precaution to save ourselves from this deadly virus. Countries across the world are taking off the lockdown but, that doesn’t mean that we can roam freely we still have to avoid visiting certain places to break the chain of Covid-19.

Avoid stepping out of your house as long as it is crucial.

Owing to the fact that you could do a particular thing, that doesn’t mean you should. The virus isn’t gone yet. We have to understand that we can still fall into the trap. Avoid leaving your house because stepping out of the house means giving the invitation to the virus. For the times when you have to step out, don’t forget to take the necessary precaution. Understand and accept that taking precautions like wearing a mask, sanitising your hand’s aren’t just mandatory, but now they are a part of your lifestyle. Be attentive in the places where there are high chances of people letting their guard down.

Avoid nightclubs or bar.

When the government authorities around the world issued the order of imposing the lockdown, bars and nightclubs were among the ones who shut down first. According to health experts, these places are the most vulnerable when it comes to spreading the virus. These places are not only compact but also have poor air conditioning. Bars and nightclubs are more prone to violate social distancing and mask-wearing.

Avoid attending Sports Events.

The studies have revealed that the sports events are encouraging to Covid-19 spread. Since last year, the government has postponed all the giant sports amidst the Covid-19. In ginormous events like these, the rates of getting infected are substantially high. The close and recurring interaction of the people makes the situation vulnerable. Take the example of Ipl matches conducted in India even after banning people from attending a sports event, the spread of Covid-19 doesn’t halt.

Postpone family functions.

Health experts have advised in their studies that attending weddings, birthday parties and, other family ceremonies means giving an invitation to the virus. These ceremonies are exceptionally risky because usually, people attending these functions are more likely to let their guard down.

Avoid travelling by aeroplanes.

Travelling by aeroplanes require visiting airports and. Shockingly a study has revealed that the transmission rates are exceptionally high in airports than in planes. We need to spend a lot of time at an airport that includes a lot of formality to be done through this time we come in contact of several people thus the chances of getting infected are high.


Save yourself and save our world by breaking the chain. Protect yourself by taking the necessary precautions. Avoid going to the places mentioned in this article. Get your vaccination as soon as it is available and help our world to end this Covid-19.

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