99-year-old woman becomes world’s oldest female competitive Powerlifter, sets new Guinness record

For most 99-year-olds, entering their 100th year means reflecting on their long existence and enjoying the joys of a quiet life. In any case, not for Edith Murway-Traina. With just days away from her centenary, the senior citizen from the US set another worldwide best—she was as of late declared the oldest competitive powerlifter (female) by the Guinness World Records. 

The great-great-grandmother from Tampa, Florida was 98 years and 94 days old during her last contest in 2019. Thus, she earned the title of the world’s oldest female competitive powerlifter. Nonetheless, Murway-Trainamay may break her own record in a couple of months as she is set to participate in her first post-pandemic rivalry in November this year. 

Her daughter, Honey Cottrell, said, “We knew she probably was one of the oldest yet were stunned (and extremely glad for her) to be told she holds a world record.  Our whole family is respected that our mother is a record holder, and Guinness World Records has given her this honor.” 

Falling In Love With Powerlifting 

Murway-Trainamay was a dancer and a dance teacher for several years at the local recreation place. As an adolescent, she loved legends like Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, and Shirley Temple for their dancing ability. Little did the prospective centenarian realize that her passion for dance would bring to her another love of her life—powerlifting. 

It is through dance that she made the acquaintance of Carmen Gutworth, who is presently a dear companion of hers. At the point when she was 91-years-old, Gutworth invited her to join her at the rec center. Before long, the nonagenarian took to lifting. 

“While I was watching those ladies doing their thing, I thought I similarly as well should get a couple of bars, and I did. Going regularly, I found that I was enjoying it, and I was challenging myself to improve and somewhat better. In a little while, I was part of the team,” she related to Guinness World Records. 

A Competitor In No Time 

With the help of her trainer Bill Beekely and companion Gutworth, she began amassing prizes in rivalries. She started setting the competitive powerlifting circuit ablaze by lifting loads of 40-150 pounds easily. “She twisted down and got maybe it was her satchel. She won’t stop and anything hard, it makes her more determined,” noted Gutworth. 

With her elegant lifts and determination, Murway-Trainamay began winning the hearts of judges and spectators alike. “As an entertainer and a dancer, the applause was always a vital part of my happiness. As long as I could get a smidgen of applause, I was happier each time I got increasingly more applause. When individuals discovered I was in my nineties and I was doing all of these things, it had the chance to be more noticeable. Individuals had the chance to pay attention more,” she remarked. 

Inspiring People Across Age Groups 

Through her passion for the game, Murway-Trainamay has managed to inspire individuals. To such an extent, that several individuals across all age bunches have started participating in physical activities because of her. “I think in my nineties, I became more aware of the requirement for individuals to be perceived the truth about, for sure they are, or how they are and it’s the most beautiful thing on the planet. I think I make due on that, generally, myself,” she communicated. 

The record-holding senior citizen admitted that she has fallen shy of space in her home to accommodate the various prizes she has prevailed upon over the years. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting her training on hold, Murway-Trainamay is back in the rec center and is working towards competing soon. She is looking forward to taking part in a meet set to be held in November.

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