WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features

A significant version upgrade of WordPress was launched, version 5.8, containing almost 300 enhancements and new highlights 

WordPress 5.8 is carrying out the present moment and is accessible to all distributors. The new delivery is named after the innovative jazz musician, Art Tatum. It’s a fitting name for this new version of WordPress because it’s loaded with fresh-out-of-the-box new highlights that make it simpler for distributers to improve and communicate their thoughts inventively. 

Support for Internet Explorer 11 Dropped 

This is the delivery that drops support for Internet 11. IE 11 is a security hazard. 

WordPress currently turns into a more slender and quicker substance the board framework as it decreases the measure of code in the center. 


Blocks is an advanced and refreshed approach to edit the look and feel of WordPress. Editing with blocks has become a component in pieces and pieces across the WordPress framework. 

Widget Area Blocks 

The blocks approach to edit a site currently is accessible in the Widget Area. The Widget area would now be able to be completely edited with Blocks 

Query Loop Block 

This new element enables distributors to show posts dependent on custom rules. 

For instance, the showcase posts segment can be restricted to show posts from a chose classification. 

WordPress analyzes it to a Latest Posts usefulness however more remarkable. 

Edit Templates from the Post Screen 

This new usefulness permits a distributor to flip from the post editing screen to a block-based page editing screen. 

This gives distributers more opportunity to edit the format from the setting of post-editing where a distributor may conclude that the post would be better if the layout was edited to appear as something else. 

List View 

List View is another approach to take a gander at the construction of a website page. Distributers would now be able to flip between the standard view and the ListView to get an overview of the multitude of alliances on the page being dealt with. 

This can likewise permit a distributer to explore a particular block. 

Pattern Transformations Tool 

This is a component that recommends block patterns. This element is as of now accessible in the Query Block and the Social Icon Block. 

Duotone Filters 

This is another plan highlight that permits a distributor to colorize pictures or recordings. It’s a method to add more inventive style to a page. 

WordPress depicts it as a high contrast channel where the dark and the white can be traded by any tones for the shadows and the features. 

Theme.json Global Styles and Global Settings APIs 

This is an immense change that gives more control of the look and feel of a site. It permits theme designers and distributors to change the default style components of pages. 

Support for WebP 

WebP is another age picture format that can show pictures at lower pictures sizes. 

WordPress support for the WebP format permits distributors to make sites that download quicker. That is a success for distributors and site guests. 

Improve Websites with WordPress 

The aggregate sum of changes rushes to almost 300 bug fixes, new highlights, and enhancements. 

“5.8 offers a great deal more! More than 170 bugs, 96 improvements and highlight solicitations, and 24 favored assignments have been set apart as fixed in WordPress 5.8.” 

WordPress 5.8 addresses a jump forward toward modernizing the substance of the executive’s framework. 

It enables distributors who don’t have a clue how to code to make changes to how the site page looks without knowing the code.


Written by Alex McCurthy

Influencer UK VIP Contributor

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