The growth of Social Media has impacted human lives tremendously. Most of us switch to our social media accounts first after waking up in the morning, like it has become a part of our lives. The growth of Social Media has forced business to hoped onto the social media platform, intending to connect with their target audiences. Social Media has changed the dynamics of business operation. 

But Social Media has become competitive over time. The bulk of the content is available over social media platforms, most of which are copied or plagiarised, thus posting unique content has become challenging. To stand out, you need to apply clever social media strategies that include observing and understanding trends.

Here are some social media trends that will help you to have an edge over others.

Transitory Content Will Keep Blooming

 Instagram stories are a prime example of transitory content. They are the ones that are accessible for a shorter period like – 24 Hours and, after that, they will disappear. We live in a generation where time is a great deal, so something that saves us time will automatically grab our attention. These contents are engaging, attractive and, hooked us for hours.

A study has revealed that almost 64% of businesses have adopted transitory content into their strategies. All these factors lead to the popularity of transitory content.

Social Commerce

Over time, it has noted that many established brands have hopped onto social media platforms to communicate better with their target customers.

This move has proved very beneficial for them. The customer’s perception has changed and, now they are attracted towards the experience-based model rather than the product-based model. Social media allows the business to do so. That is the reason why people are now switching to social media platforms.  The social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram continuously update themselves and keep on introducing the features that will help these businesses to grow.

Live Streaming gains popularity.

Amidst the crisis of Covid-19, one thing that gains popularity is live streaming. Who thought that we would be able to attend weddings or we will able to open our bank accounts through Zoom meetings. But we all did that and will continue doing that in the coming time. Live streaming has become a part of our lives and, it will remain as it is. Gone are those days when live streaming was only limited to gaming. Today, they serve a broader purpose.

The Era of Influencers

Influencer Marketing is another long-lasting social media trend that is adopted by many established brands today. These influencers have the power to persuade the decision of the people. That is the reason why the brands pay them a massive amount to promote their product. The kind of engagement these influencers are getting is immense. For this reason, brands strategically choose influencers to do their marketing. Businesses collaborate with several niche influencers instead of going for a big celebrity because tieing up with two or more influencers will help them to attract more customers and will save them money.


Switching to social media is an easy step but maintaining your presence is a tricky job to do. These strategies tend to stay longer. Therefore, adopting these strategies will unquestionably help you to stand out and beat your competition.

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