Three Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps In India That Will Change Your Crypto Game

The news channels these days are jampacked with the news of cryptocurrency due to several reasons. Cryptocurrency has continued to be the hot topic of discussion for quite a time now. Development marked in the regulation of the crypto market has exceptionally increased. The crypto market has introduced mobile apps that have helped to sell and purchase cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we have picked some of the best exchange apps for dealing with cryptocurrency. Let’s get started.

First, lets us understand what does exchange app means?

Exchange apps for cryptocurrency are just like any other shopping app on your mobile device. These exchange apps will help you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in just one click. All you need to do is to download the app through the app store. Install the app on your mobile device, sign up yourself, make your profile by filling in all the required details and, you are ready to deal. 


Unocoin is one of the ruling cryptocurrencies exchange in India. It is a congenital trading platform that allows its user to direct buy, sell and keep multiple cryptocurrencies. A user needs to sign up themselves, build an account, fill in all the necessary details, including the KYC. This app incorporates several trading options. For example, it gives the user the liberty to schedule the selling of the cryptocurrencies through the auto sell option available at the profile tab. A user needs to deposit a minimum of a thousand rupees to begin trading. Also, Unocoin charged 0.7% of commission on every deal. Unocoin incorporates different security mechanism to protect your account from any threats.


Next on the list is Zebpay, which is the oldest cryptocurrencies exchange app in India. Like Unocoin, a user needs to sign in, build an account, get their KYC done to start trading. Zebpay allows its user a chance to get fifty per cent of the trading fees by incorporating refer and earn feature into their app. Also, if you are using UPI options for payments, then you will require to deposit a minimum of a hundred rupees, which is much less if you compare the other trading platforms. Zebpay charge commission in all sorts of activities. Zebpay charge membership fee, deposit fee and as well as withdrawal fees which creates confusion.


The most popular exchange app among people is WazirX. WazirX is the safest and secure exchange app to perform a trading transaction. The fascinating thing about this app is that they have their own coin know as WRX. A user can purchase WRX through INR and then used them to buy different cryptocurrencies. The most admired feature of this app is that people have a chance to earn coins through participating in contests. You need to deposit a minimum of a hundred rupees in the wallet. The first three transactions that take place will require a commission of Rs. 5.9 on the other hand, no commission will be charged on the transaction that takes place through UPI and, this is the plus point of this app.


The prime purpose of these apps is to make it easier for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies but, they also have some pros and cons that a user need to know before signing in. However, the results of these exchange apps are reliable and, they definitely change your game.

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