Digital money or Cryptocurrencies with their rising and occasionally plunging prices, cryptocurrencies continue to make headlines. While the bullish crypto market is helping investors benefit, the market’s fall has opened up several fresh investment opportunities. If you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, keep an eye on these prominent cryptocurrencies this weekend. We’ve put up a guide to help you get started with crypto investments.

1. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar has grown in popularity in the crypto world as a result of its ability to meet a specific need. It functions similarly to PayPal in the world of cryptocurrency networks, bridging the gap between banks and blockchain networks. Stellar can convert any currency and facilitate cross-channel transactions at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional banks.

Stellar Price – $0.3268

Trading Volume24h – $794,922,905.11 10.29%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.1051

Market Dominance – 0.50%

Market Rank – #18

2. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is a low-cost cryptocurrency that is generating a lot of interest in the market. While its value is continuously rising, there is still an opportunity for expansion. Chainlink is a low-risk investment with a low value, but its price is not low enough to qualify it as a penny stock, which is one of its USPS.

Chainlink Price – $20.70

Trading Volume24h – $923,826,791.55 31.88%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.1032

Market Dominance – 0.59%

Market Rank – #15

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin entered the cryptocurrency market at the same time as Bitcoin, but it didn’t reach its maximum development potential as quickly. Litecoin, on the other hand, does one thing better than Bitcoin: it completes transactions four times faster. It’s so quick that it was the first cryptocurrency to complete a Lightning Network transaction in 2017. If the company intends to employ this speed for all of its future transactions, its value will skyrocket.

Litecoin Price – $161.01

Trading Volume24h – $1,856,175,857.24 23.04%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.1727

Market Dominance – 0.71%

Market Rank – #11

4. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has been a part of the crypto market for so long that the term cryptocurrency has become associated with it. Bitcoin does not require an introduction because everyone is familiar with its price, market capitalization, and volume, which are all higher than any other cryptocurrency. Even though there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin still controls 40% of the overall crypto market capitalization. Many businesses are now accepting Bitcoin, making it a simple investment option.

Bitcoin Price – $36,998.98

Trading Volume24h – $32,644,719,589.81%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.0471

Market Dominance – 44.74%

Market Rank – #1

5. Ethereum (ETH)

Many people are unaware that Ethereum is a crypto network, with Ether as its token. Ethereum is a platform that allows developers to generate new coins. While Ether’s value isn’t quite as high as Bitcoin’s, it is still the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its one-of-a-kind technology puts Ethereum in the spotlight anytime Cryptocurrencies with a utility are discussed.

Ethereum Price – $2,392.93

Trading Volume24h – $23,125,867,921.94%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.08311

Market Dominance – 17.92%

Market Rank – #2

6. Cardano (ADA)

The technology behind Cardano has always been its distinguishing feature. It takes less energy to execute transactions on this network, and it is also faster and less expensive. Cardano is also safer and more adaptive to the changing market.

Cardano Price – $1.47

Trading Volume24h – $3.41B – 15.69%

Volume / Market Cap – 0.04893

Market Dominance – 3..01%

Market Rank – #5


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