Apps for investing in cryptocurrency in India

      The crypto coin always has two sides. If its prices fall, they can be repurchased, as it will only be profitable when the value rises again. The other will advise you to reduce your losses and get out of it. Crypto currency is similar to a digital transaction without a figure. For example, you can’t get it in cash until you transfer amount of money into your bank account on a digital wallet. 

             However, we are in the midst of a situation where banks are showing a lack of willingness to support crypto-currency transfers in India. Bitcoin and crypto-currency prices have now fallen significantly. Tesla Motor CEO Elon Musk’s tweet in this regard and China’s new guidelines preventing financial institutions and payment companies from trading in cryptocurrencies are frightening. 

   However, serious investors think of this as a slight stumbling block. This may increase crypto-currency prices again little by little. There are also many apps in India that allow people to invest easily if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, etherium, litcoin, gardeno, talk coin, dogecoin and polygon. 

       CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX, ZebPay and WazirX are among the popular apps .CoinDCX App allows you to set up dual authentication with unique OTP sent in your mobile number and email for security reasons at Crypto Business Apps.CoinSwitch Kuber App sends notifications in email every time you sign in from any phone. Before you start your business by adding money to the wallet of these Apps, you must complete the process of sharing pan card and Aadhaar card numbers KYC. This process was completed quickly by CoinSwitch App, CoinDCX takes about 24 hours, WazirX takes a short time .

         None of the 3 popular apps support a popular digital payment wallet, including Paytm, PhonePe or Google Pay.

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