Does Social Media Really Connects Us or Distract Us?

In our childhood, we have written paragraphs on topics like Social Media- Boon or Bane, impact of the internet, etc. You must have added various positive points about its impact as well as ways to prevent overuse.

But with the passage of time, especially during the lockdown, our use of internet and social media got boom.

Recent studies have disclosed that in the year 2012 an adult use social media for an average time of 90 minutes and this has been increased to 3 hours per day in 2020.

There are various factors that have contributed to increment.
Now real question comes here is that does social media really connect us or distract us?

How Social Media Really Connects Us?

It is a well-known fact that social media have removed geographical barriers to access connection.

This is not really that bad if you analyze from the creator’s point of view. It has helped to establish a better connection with our favorite creators, mentors, etc. through apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Some Social Media app like LinkedIn has also helped many people to get jobs during this lockdown period.

Nowadays every person can show their talent to the whole world without having access to the right opportunity or big platform.

The Meaning of Social Media has completely changed in 2021 because earlier it only means talking with relatives but now it has become a way to another web world.

It has opened a way to the new world where we are connected through the screen instead of being apart physically.

How Social Media Distracts Us?

These days Social Media has become common among all age groups. People nowadays are so much connected to the virtual world that they forget about their real-life and families.

Social Media is not only dangerous for our physical health but also deeply impacts mental health. It has made early excess of information to children which they should not be aware before the right time.

There is an increase in cases related to suicide-provoking thoughts and depression, especially among teenagers.

It has increased more inferiority complex and judgment by showing lavish and happy life in 30-60 seconds of short videos.

How To Decide If Social Media Is Connecting Or Distracting Me?

Social Media has both pros and cons which solely depend on your usage. With the availability of the internet and Social Media, now we have got access to quality education from the comfort of our home.

On other hand it has also made us addicted to consuming short content, thereby reducing our focus span.

Many people got more connected to their mentors while many got into overthinking mode due to consuming too much content..

One side of Social media has removed the barrier of struggling for the opportunity to show talent like for dancers, singers, painters, speakers, etc. while on other hand it has distracted the youth.

At some point, youth has set wrong examples as instead of putting full efforts to become best, they just hoping for quick rich scheme and fame.


The Answer to the question that does Social Media really connects us or distracts us is that it depends on how you use it.

If Social Media is helping you to gain more knowledge, getting a new perspective, discovering yourself, etc. then it is definitely connecting you.

If Social Media is reducing your focus span, makes you feel tired and sends you in a zone of overthinking then I want to suggest you that either change the content you consume or keep track of your usage and consumption of content.

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