Supporting characters in a movie is so important because they give purpose to the protagonist for further action in the film. But here are some famous movies with only one amazing actor, though I can’t say there are no supporting characters, still it’s not like the rest of the movies. In some movies, nature and the protagonist’s fate acts like the antagonist.


I am legend:


It is a post-apocalyptic drama released in 2007 starring Will Smith and the direction by Francis Lawrence is really good. One of the better aspects of the movie is that you really get a sense that New York is abandoned.

127 hours:


This is a great movie. And this movie is a bit longer than it sounds. James Franco’s performance in this is too good. This movie takes place in a spot with only one person for an hour and a half. So, it’s tough to keep people interested but the irony is it one of the most interesting films. 



Please don’t watch this movie if you are claustrophobic mate. This is about a young woman who wakes up in a pod with no memory of how she ended up there and she’s running out of oxygen.



The protagonist is buried alive in a coffin with a phone and 90 minutes of oxygen. This is a 90 minutes movie whether he survived this or not?



Tom Hardy, a phone, and a car, well, that’s the movie. This movie is so real and genuine. 



This 90-minute movie is a struggle to get out of space and get into the earth. This movie has the best effects than any other movie I’ve ever seen. From start to finish, the direction is great.


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