The Mother – Daughter Influencer Duo: Dr. Anjali Kumar and Sejal Kumar

It is often seen that children get inspired by their parents and lead their life. In this case, not only the daughter got inspired by her parent’s life but the mother also got inspired by her daughter. Every parent loves to watch their child grow into life and be successful. Some get the chance to watch their kids get famous and get known by their name. This Indian YouTuber Duo have completely different genres of content they produce but both inspire and help many.

Sejal Kumar is an Indian YouTube Influencer. She ultimately started with producing content related to fashion and lifestyle, while now she is exploring the various field of her talent through the platform like singing. Sejal has 1.37 Million (dated June 11, 2021) subscribers on YouTube and 895 thousand (dated June 11, 2021) followers on Instagram.  Being one of the leading fashion influencers in the country she has also been into the Special Mention on the Forbes India list in 30 under 30.

When Sejal wanted to look at YouTube as a career choice, she did intense research and showed it up to her parents, her dedication towards the platform and her research convince her parents to support her decision. Her mother sets a great example for being a working mother and breaks the stereotypical norms of not able to manage both together.

Dr. Anjali Kumar has great career experience. She is a gynecologist, a surgeon, and a yoga teacher. Being a doctor who specializes in female reproductive health, she took the initiative to be on her daughter’s YouTube channel and answer questions related to the same. After doing a few, videos they saw that women wanted to know more about their reproductive health. They also saw that women were shy about going to a doctor and ask these doubts personally and much easier to ask through the online platform.

Looking into the needs, the mother was inspired by her daughter and started her own YouTube channel named “Maitri”, which means friendship in the Hindi language. She has 299 thousand (dated June 11, 2021) subscribers on YouTube and 33.5 thousand (dated June 11, 2021) followers on Instagram. Her YouTube channel generates content related to women’s reproductive health and breaks various myths regarding it. She helps many women understand their body and body processes in a very simple manner. Bringing a little into her life content she also does some lighter videos about her lifestyle as a doctor on her channel. Being a full-time doctor and giving life to small humans every day and still finding time to help many out is difficult.

The Mother-Daughter Duo inspires many people and helps many find a solution to their problems. They especially influence women and encourage them to come forward and clarify doubts related to their reproductive health. While Sejal creates amazing fashion and lifestyle content on YouTube, she inspires many young women to come out and be who they are. She inspires women to love themselves the way they are. Both together motivate many other Indian women of all ages.

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