Things to do in Edinburgh at Night on Business

With signs of human habitation dating back to 8,500 BC, Edinburgh is the most historic city in Scotland and the most popular. The Edinburgh region is the second largest financial hub in the UK and is a popular destination for business travelers. The Financial Times called Edinburgh the best sizeable European city of the future and has the most robust economy outside of London. There are plenty of budget friendly Edinburgh hotels to choose from. Edinburgh is less well-known for its active nightlife outside regular business hours. Edinburgh’s nightlife is extensive for business travelers following a long day of meetings. Below are just a few of our favorites located in Edinburgh for every business traveler.


No city has managed to execute spooky walks quite like Edinburgh. Spine-tingling tales are commonplace as the more chilling history of the area is revealed on these engaging tours. Ideal for use at night, these walks are a perfect distraction for an evening that is relatively inexpensive and lasts for as long as three hours.

While not unique to Edinburgh, ghost tours in this area are notable due to their excellence. As a region with a lot of history, there is a lot of competition for audiences, which often results in visitors being given the most exciting exhibits. One of the most popular aspects of these tours is the underground tour. Here the ghostly secrets of the caverns are revealed. This is an excellent opportunity for bonding between team members as they enjoy the activity.


Edinburgh’s dungeon is an intense, terrifying experience that only the bold are willing to take. Complete with underground rides, live performances, and an underground journey through Scottish history; the unique experience is enough to keep visitors occupied when they are wondering what to do in Edinburgh at night.

Finding a more thrilling activity in the UK than Edinburgh Dungeon would be difficult. Tickets are typically priced at around £20. It’s something you don’t want to miss.


Steering the vessel away from horror, a less frightening pursuit in Edinburgh at night is to explore the Royal Observatory. The historic buildings were first constructed in 1894 but include advanced science and technology to create a captivating environment for visitors.

Numerous public events are available, including astronomy evenings and a talk series. Private booking is also offered. Stargazing is a particularly effective means of ending a trip like no other. It’s a relaxing way to decide on things to do in Edinburgh at night when you’re on a business trip. Located on Blackford Hill, the area is recognized as the most favorable place for stargazing in Edinburgh, even if you don’t reserve a seat in the observatory.


Any metropolis has a favorite pastime, and spending your evening with the team-building atmosphere, puzzles, and intrigue of an escape room is never a bad idea. The rapid increase in popularity of escape rooms is attributed to their variety and the fun, competitive element they consistently provide.

Some of the most notable events in Edinburgh include ‘Locked in Edinburgh,’ ‘Escape Hunt Edinburgh,’ and ‘Can You Escape Edinburgh?’. These are just a few of the many possibilities, the most significant experience likely being the experimentation with just a few of the options available.


Edinburgh is acknowledged as the originator of the famous Harry Potter creation. J. K. Rowling undoubtedly drew inspiration from the unique scenery in the area; where else in the world can you find a castle situated on top of a former volcano? A trip to Victoria Street is highly recommended if you’re in a bind for ideas on what to do in Edinburgh at night. The road’s cobbles inspired some of the series’ most notorious scenes, and the street is a great place to end the day. Wizardly stores are scattered along the road, guaranteeing you receive your entire dose of magic in Edinburgh during the night.

Other associated attractions include Elephant House, a café that remains open until late. This is said to be the ‘origin’ of Harry Potter (or more likely, just a location where Rowling did some of her writing) and the author’s handprints, which were planted in the city before the chambers, to recognize her Edinburgh Award.


One of the most significant benefits of a stay in Edinburgh we’ve saved until last. Edinburgh is renowned for its stellar service sector. This is attributed to its status as an area with a highly developed industry. The city had an estimated 275 bars for every 100,000 people in 2018, which means that visitors have a lot of options when it comes to nightlife in Edinburgh. This number does not include restaurants, which are of various types. Popular chain restaurants and lots of unique, independent establishments are accessible. If you enjoy scotch, there are numerous experiences of the drink in Edinburgh that you can try. Edinburgh’s bars and restaurants are ideal for a leisurely evening when you don’t have to work in the city.

Edinburgh Evening Picture

Edinburgh possesses several distinguishing big-city traits that make it home-like. Still, it has many unique establishments and experiences that will leave a lasting impression on business travelers. Regarding nighttime activities, there is a lot of entertainment to occupy your free time while learning more about your temporary home.

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