Upcoming Features of WhatsApp

With its new update, WhatsApp has deployed three new features, along with the most anticipated disappearing messages feature. These new features will make the Facebook owned messaging application a user friendly experience.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart confirmed about the new features on WABetaInfo. These features will launch soon, although an exact release date is not disclosed. 

These new features are also available across many platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Signal App.

  1. Disappearing Mode Feature: This feature will by default turn on disappearing messages for further chats. Currently users can turn on disappearing messages for groups and individual chats. With the update, all WhatsApp threads will become disappearing threads after a stipulated period of time.
  2. View Once Feature: It will let users to share media files like photos and videos that can be viewed by the recipients only once. After that, the media file will disappear. This feature is already on Instagram, another subsidiary company of Facebook. 
  3. Multiple Device Support: Since the inception of WhatsApp, it has been singled out to only one device. Multi device will allow one to use WhatsApp account on multiple devices. At a time, four devices can be linked using this feature. It will also enable WhatsApp to expand to more form factors, including the Apple iPad. The iPad is expected to get its own version of the app soon.

Zuckerberg and Cathcart also confirmed that this feature will roll out in public beta within two months and will be available to users.

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