Udemy: Better Future?

Learning a new skill is never too late. Age does not matter when one wants to learn something. One can start learning a new skill just for wanting to enhance their development or maybe to cope up with the development in the world. Learning new skills also can help you get a better job. Keeping the same thought in mind Udemy started as a skill learning platform. Udemy connects all of its students to the best instructors all over the world.

One can learn skills while sitting in the comfort of their home. You can learn whatever over the internet. It was founded by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani. The company aims on providing quality knowledge at affordable prices. The company has grown immense popularity throughout but it had a high time in the year 2020 when people wanted to learn a skill while sitting at home due to Covid-19. The company has 6 offices currently in different countries which include the United States of America, India, Brazil, Northern Ireland, and Turkey.

Udemy is entering the main worldwide market for coaching and learning, connecting tens of thousands and thousands of college students to the abilities they want to succeed. It offers more than one hundred fifty-five thousand (155000) courses and has about fifty-six thousand (56,000) instructors. According to the official site, the site has had Forty (40) million learners and instructed in more than sixty-five (65) languages.

Udemy not only let individuals learn new skills but also lets business grow. Many businesses collaborate with Udemy to enhance new skills in their staff members. It helps businesses grow by making the staff learn the upcoming trends in a particular market. It has been trusted by many companies like Adidas, Booking.com, General Mills, Survey Monkey, and many more renowned companies. 

The company helps both individuals and organizations grow for the developing future. With the evolving world, even people want to evolve and Udemy is helping the world. Udemy offers great courses at a virtual platform being accessible to more people in the world. The courses are offered at affordable prices.

In 2020 Udemy launched a list of 150 free courses for students to learn. In addition, organizational leaders can get admission to unfastened content material and check-in for digital activities to assist them to lead their agencies via change. The Free Resource Center was introduced keeping in mind the tough times many individuals and organizations were facing due to Covid-19. This shows the company is genuinely concerned about making the world develop. Udemy also sticks to their thought of providing students with quality learning and sticking to the concern the free courses were launched. It is a great initiative and makes the company stand in the crowd as a popular learning platform.

Udemy staff round the world team along to figure with varied native organizations, with initiatives starting from mentoring secondary school students on future career options to raising funds for laptops to give to exile youngsters in want of laptops to access their education. It is making the world a better place to gain quality knowledge and grow for the better.

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